Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for February 5, 2020

“Rotary Connects the World” – Mark Mahoney, RI President, 2019-2020

Denise Bacon was Greeter.

Club Prez Corey Z. opened the meeting at the Chehalem Cultural Center, having Denise also lead us in the Pledge.

Guests: Kyle Dickinson [sponsor: Kim Abraham];

Danny Sikkens [sponsor: Jim McMaster]; GFU Mural interns [guests of Geoff Gilmore]: Bryce Heimuller, Madie Vinje, Amanda Bays…..and Skylar Walker, was Rachel Huber’s guest. [Skylar is marketing director for Avamere in Newberg]. …and Mike Tilrico [Laura’s husband]….

Mike Caruso gave us a “Rotary Moment”: “I touched on the fact that, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our IS [International Service] Chair, Laura, Newberg is currently one of the most active Clubs in D5100 insofar as participating in the RI Global Grants Program what with our current TWO Global Grants with The RC of Kathmandu, Nepal. Also due in large part to the diligent work of our Club members Paula Radich and Patrick Banke.”

Announcements: Rachel Huber: The “Diaper Drive” for The Family Place has now exceeded 35K diapers! That’s a LOT of much-needed “coverage”!

NOTICE: Meeting on February 12 will NOT be at CCC…but rather at Danny Sikken’s business, “Social Goods”, at 500 E. First Street…downtown Newberg… with parking available on the street or in the City Parking lot. This program is courtesy of Vocational Service & Jim McMaster.

REMINDER! February 19 – no noon meeting…instead we will have an evening POT LUCK “Valentine” SOCIAL at the home Fred and Viola Gregory (743 SW Red Hills Road, Dundee) 5:30 – 7:30… Bring an appetizer dish or your favorite drink.  Please click on the link below to sign up.  In the “comment” column please list the appetizer or drink you plan to bring. Please enter guests in the “name” column.

Ralph Koozer said he missed last week’s meeting because he had attended a highly-informative seminar on “stem cell research”.

DUCK TALES – Geoff Gilmore canvassed the room with The DUCK in hand….[$111.00 was generated today!]….starting with another recognition of his late Mom’s life… “Continued my Mother’s recognition story: Pet Rooster [one-legged ‘Roosty’] ….Mom was Valedictorian (20/class size) goes to Ohio State (15,000 students), smarty to humble…then from rural Ohio to Territory of Hawaii taking job after one hour interview, sight unseen, 2 day propeller airplane to trip.”

Judy Robinson related very positive kudos/comments from her Rotarian daughter…applauding the meeting she attended here recently!

Allen H….. “When my dad died my mom left his greeting on the tape so people calling didn’t know she was alone.  When mom died in 2001 my brother took the answering machine with the tape still in it.   Just last Fall my brother digitized my dad’s greeting and texted it to all of us so I saved it on my phone to carry a piece of my dad with me. “

Matt Stephens…very proud to have three daughters involved with basketball..

Denise B. shared this: “My ‘borrowed grandma’ passed away on Monday. PATRICIA ALPHIN (“Peaches”)- she was an actress in the 40’s telling stories of Hollywood at that time, and it was fascinating and I loved listening to her.”

Tony L…..”Once a year I do a 24 hour fast. I use this as my ‘buy in’ to a 2 week cleanse period. My point with it is, do a 24 hour fast with a purpose. Appreciate the feelings of hunger and use this period of discomfort to drive you and motivate you to be more aware if what and how much you are eating and drinking on a daily basis.”

Todd E…..”Just thanking Michelle and Lisa for a great service day at Senior Meals!”

Dan….”gave a few bucks and commented about fatherly humility when my mother was in town visiting for the week and that my 2 year old chose grandma to do naptime and bedtimes all week instead of me or my wife.

Walter W…..spoke about learning from Grand kids. Granddaughter…at his mom’s funeral….that she went to college free after winning a national biscuit baking contest.

Kathie Byers….”As for my friend… Erica Cox passed away on Thursday, January 30th at the age of 44.  She was an employee at First Federal in the Sheridan branch for 18 years and a member of the Sheridan community for almost 20.  Long before we were coworkers, we did a lot of volunteer activities together, and I considered her a friend.”

Mike Caruso….”For the ‘Nepal Every Woman Treaty Peace’ Global Grant, we currently have about $15.5k of the $35k total needed, leaving us about $20k short. Regarding the Nepal 911 medical Global Grant, I believe Laura may have an update on that.”….so….

Laura Tilrico….”Our Newberg Club is working on two Global Grants with the Kathmandu, Nepal RC. One is the training of women peace  advocates for preventive measures for violence against women and girls. We are working with Peace Fellow and Rotarian Erin Thomas of the Albina RC. We are finalizing the RI Global Grant online and in the process of raising funds for the Grant. We still need about $20,000. Erin is going around  to clubs and making presentations. I am getting in touch with Rotary Clubs that have supported us in the past and those we have supported as well. Our Clubs Foundation is supporting us with $8,000. Albina RC $1,000, Portland RC Peace Committee  $2,500, Beaverton $1,500, confirmed.  Total Grant about $120,000. Second (Nepal Dispatch Center…a 9-1-1 system), which started a year ago, but has had some set backs, is back on track due to the help from Paula Radich.  Paula has great writing skills and has been interviewing us and getting the Global Grant 6 Questions answered to secure our first step of securing funds from our District. Then after approval from the District we go to the RI site and answer all their questions, too. Budget is being developed for about $100,000. Two great humanitarian projects, which we sometime take for granted in our country, just don’t exist in Nepal. We are doing a great humanitarian service.”

Lisa Salmons gave kudos to Todd Engle for his helping out with Senior Meals!

Auggie….”I was happy to present a check for $43 to the Newberg Rotary Foundation!  It represented one dollar for each year of marriage.  Maureen and I celebrated 43 years on February 5, 2020.  We are so grateful for this blessing!”

Today’s Program – “Be Scam Smart” – presented by Newberg Noon Rotarians, and First Federal bankers – Angel Aguiar and Kathie Byers:

Scams and Identity Theft are too-common occurrences today. Kathie and Angel gave us a quick overview of the types of scams…principally targeting the vulnerable elderly…. but not exclusively…as we ALL are prospective “victims”…and provided us with printed materials listing #BeScamSmart Resources…such as the Federal Trade Commission, the IRS, the Social Security Administration and others to call if/when you have concerns that you have been a visiting of identity theft…or are getting suspicious phone calls. The VALUE to those who perpetrate these scams is in the BILLIONS of dollars annually, so they keep trying…and succeeding …so… remember that ….your bank…or credit card company…or Social Security…do NOT contact folks by telephone….AND…if you have concerns/doubts about a call….get the number….and name provided/claimed of the caller….hang up and call the number of the “purported” entity that made the call to authenticate [or NOT!] their contacting you. IF/WHEN you find the call to be a hoax/scam …contact the Federal Trade Commission [1-877-438-4338] and report the call you received…and all pertinent information about it that you can….and/or contact: OR…another contact to make a report to: 1-877-382-4957

Thanks, Kathie and Angel!

Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor

Memory challenge: Can YOU recite Rotary’s “Four Way Test” without “looking”? If not, why not?