Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 04, 2023

~ Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter ~

Rotary Club of Newberg, Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, January 4, 2023


~ Call to Order ~

Club President Becky Ankeny welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Hybrid Live/Zoom meeting at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at the Chehalem Cultural Center.


~ Flag Salute ~

Karen lead participants in the Pledge of Allegiance.


~ 4 Way Test ~

Dan K lead participants in the recital of the 4 Way Test:

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say and do:

#1 – Is it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


#4 – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


~ Announcements ~

Kenya Project – We have now sent the funds off to Kenya, thank you to everyone who played a role in that.

~ The Rotary Duck ~

Jim: Apologized for his email he sent bragging about the amazing weather he was experiencing in New Zealand while we had freezing temperatures here in Newberg. He felt bad, but to make us feel better he shared about his travel woes, where his plane from Canada to Portland turned around mid trip to land back in Canada. Then they were not able to get new trips open so he had his Seattle based son come to Vancouver and brought him back to Seattle. Then he called his Portland based son to come take him from Seattle to Portland. What a ride! and what good sons! He had an amazing time in New Zealand and Austrailia.

Auggie: Announced that the Huskies beat the Cougars, the Huskies beat Oregon State, the Huskies beat the Ducks, and next year looks to be promising for the Huskies as well!

Walter: Shared that Auggie was interviewed on Dan Roberts’ Giving Town Podcast this week. Click here to listen to the Podcast.

Scott: Shared that his teenage daughter has been back in town for the holidays after being away for school for some time.


~ Today’s Program: Our Club Committees ~

Becky noted that we have lost momentum when it comes to the structure and engagement of Rotary Group work, including our committees. We have many committees that we will highlight and hopefully provide enough opportunity for Committees to be able to explain what they do and whether they are in need of more members. Rotary members should keep an open mind and inquire about any of these committees that specifically peak their interest or are in need of support:

Membership: Scott, the Membership Chair: Scott came prepared with chocolate bribes for people to consider his committee. The membership Committee is in charge of new membership and orienting new members. Scott encouraged us to consider reaching out to him about how to help, but mostly just remember to invite potential new members to come enjoy a lunch on us. He has a lot of folks that he will be inviting within his professional life and encouraged us to consider inviting people we know who we think will be a valuable to check out the club.

Youth Service / Vocational Service: Relates to helping with the Interact Club. The Interact team, which includes a lot of students this year, meet via Zoom. They work on new projects each year and last year did a pet care project. There re 36 members in Interact. If you are interested in helping Amber and Judy with working on the Interact Club, please reach out to them. The concept of Vocational Service is rooted in the Second Object of Rotary, which calls on Rotarians to encourage and foster: High ethical standards in business and professions, The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, The dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. As Rotarians, we have many opportunities to take these notions and place them into action. Here are just a few suggestions: Discuss your profession at your club meetings and take the time to learn about your fellow members. Use your expertise and skills in your community, perhaps in a service project. Practice your profession with integrity, and inspire others to behave ethically. Coach and mentor youth who might be interested in your field. Consider the Four-Way Test in the workplace and your daily life.

Club Service: Om shared about how she seeks to make sure we all have fun. She works with the caterers. She also seeks to come up with fun Rotary events outside of out meetings such as outings, picnics, etc. If anyone has any ideas on what theyd like to do, or if they may want to host an event at their home, please let Om know.

Community Service: Paul shared on behalf of Kathie/Lisa that this pertains to all of the community service projects we do as a club. Throughout the year we serve in the community such as district grants, Senior Meals, Dictionaries for 3rd graders, Annual Memorial Park Cleanup, tied with love, Resource Rooms, building playgrounds, park ivy removal, etc. If you would like to work with Kathie/Lisa on these, reach out. These events are a lot of fun, some one time projects, some annual, but someone has to coordinate them.

International Service: Laura, Paula and their committee works very hard writing grants for, coordinating and communicating to facilitate our international projects. Recent projects include Nepal’s Violence against women, EMS dispatch and response systems in rural Nepal. We also do Dental work in Guatemala and other awesome work around the world. This is a very important committee as these members have a valuable grant writing skill and if you would like to learn from them and help in this committee, please let Paula or Laura know.

Scholarship Committee: Lynn Montoya Quinn chairs this committee which is responsible for reviewing applications for the scholarship program and administering the program. This committee is a very rewarding experience and gives you an interesting window into our graduating high school applicants.

Auction Committee: Dan and Michelle are tentatively set to chair next year’s auction. After a fun and successful auction this year, Dan and Michelle seek to build on what they’ve learned from the last auction to improve on the next auction. They plan to get started sooner, probably July, and will organize all of the responsibilities, which are copious. They will look to get volunteers to set up and break down the event, to help with procurement of items and wine, coordinate the dessert dash, etc. This event is our biggest fundraiser and is critical to our financial success. The design and planning can be whatever the committee dreams up and if you are interested in participating, reach out to Dan or Michelle.

Public Image: Dan chairs this group which includes efforts such as putting together these Newsletters, Doing a one page article bimonthly in the Newberg Advantage, and managing the website and social media. If anyone has ideas for the articles, or would like to help with any of these efforts, please let Dan know. He does them all himself, but only out of necessity as no one else has volunteered to help. Dan would love to share these responsibilities.

Peace Committee: Mike Caruso and Larry Strober tag team this committee which entails visiting current and future peace builder Clubs where they talk about what it means to be a peace builder club and about the peace pole project. The District now has over 500 poles. They are also working on getting a QR code that can get added to all of the peace poles around the nation. They also have special peace based speakers and they meet monthly. If you are interested in learning more and joining, reach out to Larry or Mike.

Pancake Breakfast: A committee made up from both Newberg Rotary Clubs meets for several months before the event, which takes place at the end of July during the Old Fashioned Festival. This is a huge community service project and a lot of fun to coordinate and participate. If you would like to help or learn more, reach out to Aaron or Karen. This is also a great opportunity to collaborate and get to know some Early Bird Rotarians.


Check your e-mails for Zoom meeting access information, special announcements, and newsletter release notifications.

~ Joke of the Day ~

A joke by Scott Parker today:

Why do teenage girls only walk in odd numbered groups?

Because they Can’t Even.

~ Happy Quotes! ~

“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”

– Martin Luther King Jr

~ Published 01/17/2023: Dan Keuler, Newsletter Editor ~