Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for September 25, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for September 25, 2019

GREETER:  Becky Ankeny.

President Corey opened the meeting at Chehalem Cultural Center, with Judy Robinson leading us in the Pledge.

Non-Rotarian Guests: Laura Hartley [GFU]; Jackie Lane [Jeff’s wife & local Soroptimist]

Visiting Rotarians: Larry Strober [Assist. Dist. Gov./McMinnville Sunrise] ; Ken & Eve Steadman/Geneva, NY]; Jim Boyle [Dist. Gov. Nominee/West Linn].

Rotary Moment;  Rick Kaufman related the VERY INTERNATIONAL Rotary breakfast meeting during a World Scout Jamboree in Australia in early January, ’88,  with Rotarian Scout leaders from all over the world attending their “make-up” Rotary meeting in a huge tent!

Non-revenue announcements:  Jackie Lane: Soroptimists 5th Annual Fall Fundraiser, “Soup’s On”, Saturday, October 12, 5:00 – 8:00 PM, Dundee Community Center, 1026 N. Hwy 99, Dundee.  $35/person.  Featured speakers: “Where are they now?”, w/ stories from past award winners. Info & Tickets on-line at, link to “Soup’s On”.

Lisa Salmons invited anyone interested in learning more about upcoming luncheon for A Family Place on October 29th to contact her. Lisa Salmons,
Volunteer Services Manager, Providence Newberg Medical Center, | 503.537.1494

With the DUCK in her hands, Lisa then collected $127 toward Polio Eradication.   FYI: World Polio Day: World Polio Day is coming up on Thursday, Oct. 24.  Since 1988, we’ve seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. For more than two years we’ve seen wild polio cases in only two countries. Afghanistan and Pakistan. For more information on how Rotary is making a difference, please visit:

Some of today’s “DUCK  TALES”…..[note that not all who contributed, with their stories, are mentioned here]….

Laura T.: I have a Puppy tail to tell. We added a 11 week old Silver Labrador Retriever to our family. I forgot how much work Puppies are! He is a cute, cuddly, eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, playing machine. He is the smartest breed we have owned to date. We laugh a lot, which is good for the soul. His name is “Old Blu”, and at this time he’s 25 pounds!

Corey:  Om & Matt did a terrific job organizing the End of Summer Picnic!  Some more photos presented here**below….

Paul J.:  Thanks to Laura T. for the great job of grant writing!

Mike C.: Reminder that $$ today go toward polio Eradication.

Shannon B.:  My Duck contribution is for polio and our many visiting Rotarians. 

D.G. Nominee Boyle:  Rotaract representatives will have a voting voice for the first time!

K. Byers: Announced that First Federal is partnering with Serendipity Ice Cream and A Family Place to hold a Diaper Drive in each our of their six branches.  A Family Place especially needs size 5 & 6 diapers.  If a person drops off a package of diapers, wipes, or an item from the Amazon wish list, they will receive a coupon for a free ice cream cone from Serendipity Ice Cream.  The diaper drive will end October 18th.  Also announced was that First Federal donated $10,000  to the Newberg Relief Nursery for the upcoming expansion.  The Relief Nursery will be doubling the square footage of the Relief Nursery and will be able to serve the majority of the families who are on the Relief Nursery classroom waiting list.  There are currently 70 families from the Newberg area who are on the waiting list. A Family Place serves 400 children with therapeutic classroom, parent educations, home visiting, mental health, emergency respite care, and basic needs support (such as diapers, wipes, maternity clothing, and children’s clothing). 100% of the children enrolled in A Relieve Nursery classroom, formerly at the highest risk of abuse and neglect, remained safe and aligned for success – no abuse, no neglect, and no foster care placements.

Today’s program/Speaker, Erin Thomas, a member of the Rotary Peace Fellows inaugural class, introduced by Mike Caruso….

…Erin Thomas started her Peace Fellow education in Argentina.  She was in the Rotary Peace Fellow Class 1, Universidad del Salvador, now a Rotarian in the Albina Rotary Club, Erin spoke to the us this week about the Every Woman Treaty.  She asked that we help her organization, The Every Woman Treaty, collect one million signatures, calling for a treaty to eliminate violence against women and girls! You can sign online, and share with friends, family, or send to Rotarians in other districts. [For additional link information, contact Erin at the e-mail listed below*.]

According to the UN, 35 percent of women experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. At a bare minimum there are 1.3 billion women who are subjected to violence and likely unable to participate in development programs that can bring them – or their children – out of poverty. All the amazing development work Rotarians are doing is stalled if 1 in 3 women are unable to effectively participate in their societies, which is the case right now. When polio reached 350,000 cases, Rotary decided to eradicate it. Violence against women is an issue where Rotary and Rotarians can have a significant impact as well. The Every Woman Treaty is a team of women’s advocates from around the globe who are bringing forth a global treaty to hold nations accountable for changing laws, and implementing other reforms that keep women safe. Economically, the cost of keeping the system of violence in place is staggering: it drains 5.5 percent of the global economy or 4.7 trillion dollars per year. The loss of GDP from reacting to the violence far exceeds the cost of proven prevention and intervention programs.   If you know of other Rotarians who may be interested in partnering on subsequent global grants – Colombia, Sri Lanka, etc – Erin would love to connect with them. The easiest way to reach Erin is by email*  Thank you, Erin, for this very enlightening presentation!

** AND…on a different/local note……additional photos/captions of the FUN TIME attendees had at the End of Summer Picnic at Jaquith Park on the 21st:

  The gathered picnic throng….note that we not only had many “shining faces”, but the sun joined us as well!

   Om’s four-legged furry friend with an unquestionably BIG CANINE GRIN!

  a WONDERFUL spread!  Thanks, Om…and to those who brought their potluck contributions!

   Rotarians, including Earlybird, Rod F.,  with two more joining us, visible in the background, enjoying a summer picnic!

  Co-Host and Chef de Cuisine, Matt, creating grilled masterpieces of burgers and “dogs”!

…and Co-Host Matt again…this time coaching us how to play PICTIONARY….which proved to be LOTS of FUN!

…All the kids had fun, too…and competition was FIERCE!

  We wrapped up the festivities with a Raffle Drawing…tickets being carefully drawn by one of the kids who had a ton of fun!

  No question about it…Rotary DOES “Make a Difference”!!!!  Locally, regionally…and internationally, too!

Rotary’s Four-Way Test of the things we think say or do…
First – Is it the TRUTH?
Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

AND…RI President Maloney’s theme…..Bringing children to Rotary events is not just fun; it also exposes them to the world! Make this a memorable year for your family — and an unforgettable year for the ever-expanding family of Rotary as Rotary Connects the World.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

FACTOID…Did you know?  Newberg Noon Rotary Club was founded November 5, 1935…then received its Charter the following February 5, 1936.

ALSO…Editorially speaking….In my 50+ years as an active Rotarian, RI’s attendance requirement has often been given as the reason some do NOT join Rotary.  That’s an “excuse” rather than a “reason” for not joining Rotary!  And it was much more “strict” 25 years…even 50 years…ago than it is today…but is it truly “onerous”…?? Personally…I think NOT…more of an OPPORTUNITY to “spread one’s wings” in the wide, wide world of Rotary ….as there are multiple ways one can keep her/his attendance record at….or even ABOVE…100%!  Committee meetings, community project participation, helping w/ Interact/Rotoract, District Training sessions, hosting Group Study Exchange Delegations, hosting an Exchange Student, attending a District Conference and/or a Rotary International Convention, Club Board Meetings…and MY FAVORITE….making up my missed meetings at other Rotary clubs’ meetings!  I have had the privilege of doing “Make-Ups” in Maryland, Pennsylvania, France, Australia, New Zealand, California, Washington State and all around our beautiful state of Oregon…from Seaside to Baker City…and….Pendleton to Ashland…and every one of those visits was not only FUN, but each an additional Rotary “learning experience”!  SO…turn your friends’ “lemon” NO answers into “lemonade” YES responses and give them “a new lease on life” through Rotary!