Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for September 18, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for September 18, 2019

  A festive graphic reminding us that we are now well into our new, 2019 – 2020, Rotary Year!

Always-friendly Matt Stephens was today’s GREETER.

With President Corey absent today, President-Elect Shannon Buckmaster opened the meeting at the Chehalem Cultural Center.

Dr. Stan Kern led us in the Pledge…..and a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to those of us whose “natal day” is in September.

…..Guests: Ann Dolan, Friend of Rotary, introduced Gaby Fernandez, past Rotary Exchange Student, and her daughter Mary Gaby. “Gaby Fernandez de Trevino:  a lawyer, lives in Torreon, Mexico with her husband Salvador.  She loves to cook and specializes in doing make-up on others.  Marygaby Trevino:  21, third year university student (I’m not sure which university) in Torreon.  Both flew up to attend my daughter’s wedding Sept. 14 and stayed with me for 10 days.”

Denise Bacon introduced her son, Josh Moore.

Visiting Rotarian, Wendy Wells from Sherwood, was here to listen to Jackie Spurlock’s Program on Peace Builders.

Geoff Gilmore introduced Jennifer Saltzman, with GFU’s Art Department.  “Over the past 2 years, George Fox has worked in conjunction with the Rotary Club on the current Newberg Mural Projects. This year, we have restructured the mural project to coincide with the Art Practicum course at George Fox. Art Practicum is a course that allows students first-hand experiences in various fields of art to help them prepare for their careers.
Our goals in this merger are to give the mural projects more structure allowing for a sustainable program, to give our students college credit for the work being done and to create a course that helps maintain active faculty supervision and resources. The George Fox Art Department recognizes the amazing opportunity the Rotary Club is not only giving our students but giving the city of Newberg.  We hope to ensure the longevity of the mural project and community involvement.”

Yours Truly, Rick Kaufman, provided a Rotary Moment….relating how a few Rotarians from both Newberg Noon and both Forest Grove clubs joined in my 80th birthday celebration at the family home in the hills 3 miles NE of Yamhill on Sunday…[b.d. was actually the 17th]…it was a good party! For me, Rotarians are “extended family”!

Several others celebrated September birthdays…..I don’t know how many years Jim McMaster claimed for September 17, but I counted 80 for myself! [Other September birthdays for those not present: Kathy George, Leona Todd, and Allen Methven.]

Patrick Bancke: “I was thrilled to attend this year’s WHO (World Healthy Organization) Global Alliance for Care of the Injured Conference (GACI), in Geneva Switzerland. The GACI is an incredible collaborative effort by organizations around the world, working to improve trauma care systems.
WHO statistics (direct quotes):   •Every six seconds someone in the world dies as a result of an injury;  More than 5 million people die each year as a result of injuries. This accounts for 9% of the world’s deaths, nearly 1.7 times the number of fatalities that result from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined;  •By far the greatest part of the burden of death and disability from injury, approximately 90%, occurs in low- and middle-income countries.  A treatable injury in the US can be fatal, or ruin someone’s ability to ever work again, elsewhere. This is why Nepal Medics is committed to teaching lifesaving skills in Nepal — and we are humbled and honored to have been present at the preeminent gathering in our field.”
Ann Dolan: Tuesday, October 29th, Save the Date!  Newberg Champions for Children – A Complimentary Fundraising Luncheon to Benefit A Family PlaceJoin Us at Chehalem Cultural Center, Doors Open at 11:30 am;  Program from Noon to 1 pm; This complimentary luncheon will feature exciting progress updates & heartwarming success stories.  Help us celebrate our community’s commitment to ending child neglect & abuse.
Reminder:  Soroptimists “Soup’s On” Fundraiser….Saturday, October 12, 2019… 5 – 8 PM…Dundee  Community Center
Judy Robinson: With encouragement to Wendy Wells, Sherwood Rotary, to have their Interact Club become a Peace Builder club…then they would be the second one internationally…and Wendy was glad to be here for the opportunity to listen to our speaker on Peace Builder activities in Iran.
Paula suggested that Dr. Stan might be extra careful…as he was standing on a chair while putting up the Four Way Test Banner!  S C A R Y !!
Kim Abraham forgot to pick up her badge as she came in today…for which she paid…also…she participated in a recent Leadership Training that had her 30′ up in a tree! [There’s got to be much more to this story here!]
Becky Ankeny was late…paid for that..but her sitting alone was of concern to Jim McMaster….so he made an additional “sympathetic” contribution .
AND….Jim McM., having just returned from a “circuitous route” trip to S. Africa, also gave us an update on both sons:  Spencer, with the Peace Corps in Africa…having his own challenges attempting to teach English to locals…as some students are receptive, others…not so much.  While in the FRIGID North, Coast Guardsman Tyler, is on an icebreaker!
Auggie commented favorably on Yours Truly’s authentic Moon Gate entrance to my Japanese Garden. [Ed. note: Thanks, Auggie, for you and Maureen coming to my B.D. party!]  And Auggie also spoke of the wondrous therapeutic value of “Jellum’s Honey”!
Lisa Salmons let us know that she now has a “SQUARE” electronic device allowing us to process payments to the club with credit cards.
Dr. Stan acknowledged the recent wins of both Beavers & Ducks!
Past President Om complimented Matt Stephens for the great job he did preparing for the *End of Summer Picnic! [pictorial report to follow below…]
  Mike Caruso introduced our speaker, Jackie Spurlock, Peace Builder…
   …..with her program entitled “Toward Peace in Iran”. She and her husband were teachers in the Peace Corps, and that got it all started.  She provided us a great pictorial of her times/activities in the often mysterious country of Iran.  Her report helped dispel several cultural “myths” about the Iranian people, while also acknowledging the long-standing/ongoing “rift” between Shia [Iran. et al.] and Sunni [Saudi Arabia, et al.] Muslims, comparing it to that of Protestants and Catholics in Ireland.  Thanks, Jackie, for the very informative update on Iran, from your personal perspective.
*NOW…NEWS FLASH!…UPDATE…..END of SUMMER PICNIC was a SUCCESS!  The clouds parted, and we had SUNSHINE!  The pictures prove it!  Mostly pictorial report…a good time was had by all…with a showing from Newberg Earlybirds, too…..and we wrapped it up with a ROUSING [really!] game of Pictionary!  Matt showed off his expertise with the Traeger, PURRR-FECTLY cooking up some very tasty burgers and special BIG hotdogs….while OM set up a great spread of condiments, snacks and drinks…with potluck contributions from other attendees!  Festivities finished off with some YUMMY desserts, as the sun began to hide behind a bank of clouds on the far western horizon!  Thanks again to the “dynamic duo” of Om and Matt for arranging this FUN activity!  Definitely worthy of a repeat for 2020!  Rotary truly DOES make a difference!
As Pres. Elect Shannon closed our meeting, remember the wisdom inherent in Rotary’s Four-Way Test of the things we think say or do…
First – Is it the TRUTH?
Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

AND…RI President Maloney’s theme…..Bringing children to Rotary events is not just fun; it also exposes them to the world! Make this a memorable year for your family — and an unforgettable year for the ever-expanding family of Rotary as Rotary Connects the World.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor