Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 9, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 9, 2019

Special “Field Trip” as we met at the NEW Chehalem Valley  Recreation District’s Aquatic & Fitness Center.

President Om was excited to share some GOOD NEWS from 2018 as it relates to the world in general with the able assistance and efforts of Rotary!

Some of the “Good News”….The world’s population is living longer and better than ever before; hundreds of thousands of people across the planet have gained access to electricity for the first time; were able to access clean drinking water for the first time; and were able to get online for the first time.  All good news…and Rotarians have been key in making this happen!

Guests were introduced:

Lisa Salmons, Providence Newberg Medical Center, Volunteer Coordinator, Guest of Spike Summer

Melissa Hoffman, Spouse of Spike Sumner
Mike Donahue, Auction Emcee, retired television broadcaster, Guest of Bob Ficker
Jeff Boileau, Spouse of Om Sukheenai
Bayo Ware, Community Visioning Coordinator, City of Newberg, Guest of Om Sukheenai
As today’s “program”,  Jim McMaster was in charge of our visit to the new Aquatic and Fitness Center, but before he could start into that role, Auggie had a special presentation for him….
…with a “Service Above Self” recognition gift from the club.
Then Jim gave us some of the history of how the center came to be…and in turn introduced the Primary Contractor’s spokesman-for-the-day, Project Supervisor, David Rappreyea, who told us more about the company and their commitment to this community project.
Between the two of them, we learned that though the Aquatic Center is now up-and-running with lots of participation, the Fitness Center is still in final stages of construction.  We were split up into two groups for the brief tour of the Fitness Center with particular attention given to the elevated “jogging track”….where 15 times [laps] around it equates to one [1] mile of distance.  Of special note was the attractive, multi-colored, wall mural….check it out in these photos…along with comments as to the extra strength built into the whole system for major seismic stability.  Jim and his crews have done a fantastic job with this amazing facility….which will see constant use for many years to come!  Everyone was having a GREAT time checking out all the details in the new Fitness Center!  Especially our “resident” photographer…..Auggie!
As they say, a good time was had by all!
A couple of reminders…..
Next week’s meeting [January 16] will be at Friendsview…NOT the Cultural Center!  The program will be Patrick giving us an update on the humanitarian emergency 911 project in Nepal.
AND….. DO YOUR PART for our primary fundraiser….The Auction! If you haven’t yet signed up for something…do so NOW!
With so much going on, I’m not sure who closed out the meeting, but I remember Jim saying that we were standing on the site of the former swimming pool where the primary group photo was taken….
SO…..let the Four Way Test of Rotary help guide your life…it works!
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor