Peace Village Seeking Director and Administrative Assistant

The Rotary Clubs of Newberg will be sponsoring the PEACE VILLAGE CAMP in June of 2019.  We are seeking individuals to fill the roles of Director and Administrative Assistant who will have tasks leading up to the camp (1 week duration) as well as needing to be present during the camp.   Stipends for each position are on the descriptions.





Newberg Rotary (Early Bird and Noon Clubs’ Peacebuilder Committee) plans to put on a children’s summer camp in 2019 featuring a curriculum to help children develop peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution skills. The camp, one week in duration, will be either in association with Peace Village Inc or using curriculum and instruction based on the Peace Village Concept.

The Peace Village Director will direct the program, serving in cooperation with a Steering Committee. General areas of responsibility include planning and implementing the camp. The Director will serve as the principal representative of Peace Village to external stakeholders and will serve as the onsite director of the program. $1500 stipend.

The Director will have primary responsibility for:

  • Serving as the liaison with North Valley Friends Church and other groups involved with the camp.
  • Recruitment and selection of camp staff.
  • Facilitation and/or leading the training of camp staff.
  • Supervision of camp staff; including volunteers, interns, teachers and helpers involved with this project during the planning phases and while the program is conducted.
  • Planning or supervising the planning of the instructional component of the camp.
  • Planning or supervision of the planning of the camp support activities: food, art, recreation, field trips, and service work.
  • Providing overall leadership for the camp, including planning, coordination of effort and internal communication.
  • Managing the budget of the camp.
  • Assigning tasks and other responsibilities to members of the project.


The Administrative Assistant ($1000 stipend) will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Update Google Drive
    1. Oversight Committee, Staff, Volunteers, Campers, Counselors
    2. Name, Email, Address, Phone
  2. Meetings
    1. Set up and send meeting reminders
    2. Notify NVFC office of meeting date for room/space availability
    3. Take minutes at each Peace Village meeting. Distribute via email to committee.


  1. Maintain Social Media & Assist with Promotion/Public Relations Plan
    1. Maintain Facebook
    2. Remind Oversight Committee of Public Relations Plan document


  1. Support Recruitment — send out applications & invitations
    1. Mail out applications to Campers, Counselors, Volunteers
    2. Receive applications
    3. Follow up with initial email
    4. Mail out invitation of acceptance letters
    5. Update lists


  1. Supervise Child Abuse Awareness Training & Background Checks
    1. Print & send forms
    2. Monitor and remind as needed


  1. Book
    1. NVFC office: venue
    2. Tent
    3. Orientation venue


  1. Place Order
    1. TShirts
    2. Water Bottles
    3. Wood Cookies (Name Tags) – to Tilikum (Mandy Schmidt)


1 Week Before

  1. Email volunteers reminder and schedule
  2. Tally student groups/colors
  3. Put together camper materials:
    1. Tshirt, wood name tags, water bottle
    2. Divide wood name tags into groups and add some kind of distinguishing mark for each group (color coded dots, perhaps).


  1. Collate & Distribute Lists
    1. Allergies / Medical: communicate to kitchen lead cook of kids with specific dietary needs.
    2. Transportation needs: coordinate with van driver names and address of kids who need transportation. Make necessary phone calls so families know about what time pick-up and drop-off will happen.


3-1 Days Before

  1. Print
    1. Consent form Assessment
    2. Lists, Schedules, etc.


  1. Coordinate SetUp
    1. Recruit volunteers for setting up Tent, Tables, etc after Church Sunday.


During Camp

  1. Help organize volunteers. Most specifically kitchen help, lunch time/recess help, and registration (check-in and check-out).
  2. Compile check-in/check-out lists.
  3. Set up registration table each morning of PV.
    1. Follow up payments due with families
  4. Be available during the week to make last minute trips to the store, make photocopies, or help where needed.
  5. Camper Certificates – create & print
  6. Friday Showcase invitation – create & print & distribute to families
  7. Other duties as assigned