Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for February 19, 2020

Evening SPECIAL VALENTINE’S CELEBRATION at Social Goods Market, in downtown Newberg.

……with a heart-felt “WELCOME NEWBERG ROTARIANS!” greeting….….PLUS……

…Gorgeous “Valentines” appropriate table decorations by the Party Team….Matt and his three daughters!

[Editor note: As I had a family commitment, and unable to attend this “hoopla”, the format for this newsletter is a bit more “fluid” than usual, relying fully on others’ reporting…with special thanks to Auggie for the supportive photos!]

Prez. Corey greeted us and started the festivities….and thanked everyone for coming!

Excerpts from some of those who attended: ….

“It will be nice to mention Jan and Ken Winder. They are great iconic Rotarians as Spike and Melissa. Jan was a past president. Jan and Melissa have always played the big roles for auction decoration for over 10 years. They will help Michelle for May 9th auction which is awesome…..” “….

Jan Winder’s guest….Chase….…enjoying his participation in the festivities!

“Matt.. who was the winner of game? The questions were daring… most don’t remember what the other likes since it was more than decades ago. Those brought lots of laughs and connection. The event was so much fun for couple, solo, and kids. Foods were great. Roses and chocolate boosted up the mood. It was a successful night that all credits go toward Matt Stephens and his three daughters who were there setting up. I was a cheerleader. Anyway, we had great teamwork. Most of all, a wonderful Rotary family…” Past Club President Om.

….Om and Kurt….obviously having a good time!

Kathie Byers on the results of the game…..”…I recall it came down to a show-down between Jan and her husband, and Spike and Melissa….”…AND…

“Nathan and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for hosting!! The party was wonderful. It was attended by 15 or 20 Rotary members with the majority of them bringing at least one family member. Matt and Om did a wonderful job providing a beautiful atmosphere with long-stemmed red roses and chocolates. Not to mentioned the amazing hors devours and dinner provided by Social Goods. For me (being a newcomer) it was nice to meet the wider circle of the Rotary family. Matt organized a game for married couples, which was fun, at least for the people playing the game. I met Spike’s wife Melissa for the first time. We exchanged business cards and are looking forward to a golf date in the near future.”…..

Matt Stephens…. “Event started at 5:30p with food, chocolate and socializing upstairs at Social Goods. The venue had a play area for 5 families with youth. At 6:30p we had a great time with six daring couples participating in a Question and Answer game (spin off of the Newly Wed Game) of how well you know your spouse. We had some laughs and know we all have some growth to know about our spouses. There were door prizes (wine, movie tickets, bouquets of flowers & coffee cards). Danny, Robin (Social Goods’ owners) & staff were very accommodating and were a pleasure to work with. We had about 40 attendees (30 adults & 9 youth) and the event ended at 8pm…..and Spike & Melissa Sumner were the winners of the game. “………

.…Spike’s “winning answers”….…and with prize he and Melissa won!

Misc. pictures taken at the party……..photographic evidence that everyone is having a GREAT TIME!

….filling out the game’s questionaires….….Kim A. watching the goings-on….……such intense FOCUS….…Om serving some of Social Goods’ TASTY pizza……..a “group photo”…..with a few of the party’s attendees….

SO…it was yet another Newberg Noon Rotary Club Social SUCCESS!

To “Connect with the World”….we must start at home…and this is one way to do that!


Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor

Wisdom for consideration: “If you let yourself be blown to and fro, you lose touch with your root.”

~ Lao Tzu