Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for October 30, 2019

RI President Maloney’s theme…..Rotary Connects the World:

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for October 30, 2019

GREETER:  Laura Tilrico

President Corey Z. opened the meeting at the Chehalem Cultural Center, with Gene Piros leading us in the Pledge.

Did you remember to turn back your clocks, as we changed from Daylight Savings Time back to Pacific Standard Time at about 3 AM Sunday?  If not, just check your Smart Phone or similar device, as they do that for you automatically!

[Editor’s note:  With Rotarian Auggie out of country on a humanitarian Rotary project, I have no photos supporting this week’s newsletter….and the photos Prez. Corey so graciously provided me…are not being accepted by the WordPress software program used for this newsletter…BUMMER!]

Mike Caruso provided us with one of his many Rotary Moments today…

Spike Sumner gave us a first-hand account of why we use the DUCK as a “collection plate”…as HE DID IT!  Hence the “DUCK TALES”!

Tony repeated that the DICTIONARIES are ready for distribution….contact him if you are one of his “team” for doing that…yet another important Rotary YOUTH project!

Kathy Byers told us that the bank’s Diaper Drive brought in $8K!

Reminder of “Light the Fire” Auction/dinner coming up….go online for more info and tickets.

Support the grade school carnival to help with all the “extras”…Art, Music, Library….

SMART readers are still needed at Edwards School…call 503.554.8520

Dale Welcome announced….and paid for the privilege…that he was now the Club’s official “sponsoring organization’s representative” to the Scouting USA program in Newberg.

Kathy handled the Duck to collect $42 from Rotarians’ DUCK TALES….starting with her own brag on being a new grandmother of twin girls!

Lisa S….quite proud of her daughter being at U of O…

Paula attended a MAJOR football game where the crowd got a bit rowdy…spilled a bit of beer on her…among other things….but she “kept her cool”!

Spike touched on his perspectives of football…..

Walter explained that he and Julie have missed some meetings recently because of their “tripping” across the planet to various locales.

Jim McMaster:  “Jeff Lane has been working for years on his landscaping.  About 1/4 mile past the Highway 240 bridge on the right side, check out Jeff’s finished product…Jeff Lane Park.”  Jeff was nearly speechless….

Dr. Stan K. extended kudos to the Club’s Scholarship Program and those who “make it happen”.

Program for November 6: Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace one young person at a time.  Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Exchanges for students ages 15-19 are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries. What are the benefits?  Exchange students unlock their true potential to: Develop lifelong leadership skills; Learn a new language and culture;  Build lasting friendships with young people from around the world;  Become a global citizen.   The Newberg Rotary Clubs sponsor qualified high school students that would like to participate in an educational and cultural Long Term (LT) youth exchange program.  This program involves students traveling to host countries for approximately 11 months.  Students live with host families during their stay while attending a local high school.  Rotary also offers a Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) that is a direct family-to-family exchange where a family in the chosen country will host our student and vice versa within the same calendar year.

Today’s program:  And what did YOUR doghouse look like?  Newberg High School teacher Matt Miller and one of his students, Derrick Macy….from the NHS Integrated Design Studio program opened with the request that we each draw our own concept of a doghouse….then they regaled us with a mostly off-the-cuff overview of the design program…as the AV connection in our meeting room was not up-to-par….until near the end of the allotted time.  While Dr. Joe cleverly worked the room with images on a “laptop”… we learned that the focus in design in the program is “form follows function”….and there was lot of discussion…with audience participation…about “tiny houses”… affordable housing… working with Habitat for Humanity….and a project in North Valley.  After our intrepid Rotarian “rescue team” got the AV working again…we saw a few pictures of projects being undertaken.  Matt is obviously passionate about the program and that passion was reinforced by Derrick’s words as well.   Thanks, gentlemen, for an interesting insight into an important “life’s skills” program at NHS. 

NOW…go forth and  and follow…..      

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think say or do….

First – Is it the TRUTH?
Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor
REMINDER… order for those who missed the meeting, or who are not required to attend…but still are interested on what goes on, your “DUCK TALE” belongs in the newsletter…so…please fill out one of the “DUCK TALES” forms on your table at our weekly Rotary meetings…and give it to me….with your story, name and e-mail on it!


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