~ Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter ~

Rotary Club of Newberg, Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


~ AirMeet Meeting Participants ~

Shannon B, Mike, Dan, Lisa, Shannon K, Michelle, Joe, Brandy, Jim, Paula, Kathie, Tony, Auggie, Laura, Om, Geoff, and Jeff.

~ Guests ~

Larry Strober, Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise, Former Assistant Governor, soon to be new member

Christy Cowgill, soon to be new member

Debby Thomas, Dean of the George Fox College of Business, soon to be new member

Meera Bhardwaj, Auction Event Planner, Synchronicity Events

Doug Utberg, Guest of Om, soon to be new member

Amber Hansen-Moore, Youth Outreach Director, YCAP Youth Outreach


~ Introduction ~

Auction Chair Shannon Knight welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the AirMeet meeting at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 28, 2020.  This one of a kind meeting is in anticipation of Friday’s Annual Rotary Auction!  We met using AirMeet, which is the virtual meeting platform that we will be using during the VIP pre and post party socializing events.  This meeting had a bit less familiar format, but was a great opportunity to ask questions about AirMeet and about the Auction.  Incase you could not make the meeting, I have collected a few visuals and FAQs that may help fill you in on information you missed.


~ Key Auction Announcements ~

  • See more details about the auction at our website for quick answers to common questions, and share with family and friends:  https://www.newbergrotary.org/virtual-auction/
  • The Silent Auction is LIVE NOW!  Go start the bidding!  Here is a link to the auction house:  https://nrc2020.ggo.bid/bidding/package-browse
    • Note that Items 1A through 16 are part of the “Live Auction” which means they are eligible to claim by the generous individual holding the winning GOLDEN TICKET!  Bidding for these items starts on Friday morning and Ends at 7pm!  So these have a more limited window of bidding than the “silent Auction items” (items 20-109) which are open for bidding until SUNDAY.
  • Speaking of golden tickets, you need to hurry up and purchase those.  As much as it sounds nice for my odds to be higher, I would rather the Club raise more of this critical funding, so BUY BUY BUY (Purchase by Friday morning).
  • When you are browsing the items, don’t forget Christmas is coming, and some of these items can save you time shopping later, so be thinking about what your friends and family might enjoy as well!
  • Dinner & Wine! If you or your guests registered for a ticket including a dinner provided by Renegade Catering and wine, pick up will take place between 4-5:30 p.m. at Barley & Vine Tavern at 408 East First St., Newberg. 
  • The event itself will take place from about 6pm to 7pm (via YouTube: a link will be sent directing you to the YouTube Channel).
  • An email will be sent that gives the AirMeet link for the Pre and Post Party.


~ AirMeet Walkthrough ~

Critical things to know before starting:  AVOID USING YOUR PHONE.  The platform likely will not work properly on your cell phone (Chrome/Firefox/Edge browser and laptop works best).  (reach out the the club if you do not have a usable laptop, and maybe someone has an extra you could borrow for the evening?)  Also, if you have used Zoom recently on this device, make sure you close out fully in zoom, otherwise it can cause issues with your camera’s function with the platform.  Try to get there a bit early and if you have issues there will be someone who will be assisting with technical issues.  See below the three key Views below for a quick walkthrough:


Table View:

Here is the main view you will likely see when you enter.  You can see multiple Tables here with a maximum of 8 seats per table.  There is a live chat to the right where you can speak with everyone, regardless of which table they are at.  You can preview who is sitting at each table based on the initials in the squares, but you can see a full name and detail by hovering your mouse over any of the filled seats.  If the table is full you will not be able to get in.  Simply click on any empty seat and it will open you into that table, which you will be able to see and interact through your camera, of the parties seated at the table.  There is a button for you to toggle your video on or off as well as mute and unmute, just like zoom.


At the Table View:

Once you click on a seat at one of the available tables, this screen will pop up.  Look! All of your wonderful friends already sitting at the table are here!  (Note on my computer, it took about 20 seconds before everyone’s video and audio were clear after sitting down, so you may need a small bit of patience).  Here you can see the row of buttons under the screen that allows you to turn on or off your camera as you wish, or mute and unmute as you wish.  There is also a chat option where you can type text that only this table can see.  Note that you will not see or hear anyone sitting at the other tables, but you will be able to communicate with them through the chat on the right of the screen.  Note also the button in the bottom right, which allows you to “leave table”, and then you go back to the view of all tables and you can move between tables at will.


The On-Stage View:

Individuals with proper administrative clearance have the ability to “get on stage”.  When they activate that function, everyone at the table is magically shut down from being able to see and hear eachother, and they get instant command of your attention (If only this was possible at real life, in-person events!).  You will only see those on stage and they can make announcements, addressing the entire room at once.  Know that during this time, you cannot see or hear those at your table.  You can communicate through the chatbox to the right while in this on stage view.  You can, AND SHOULD, be using the applause button, as well as a hand raise button if you would like to speak (I think they can then “pull you on stage” if they see your hand up).  Once they end the announcement, we all get dropped back into the tables we were previously sitting at.

Remember, This program AirMeet I explained is just for the PRE/POST Party events.  The auction event/presentation itself is through YouTube.  So for anyone who did not buy the $15 pass to do the Pre/Post Party events, you will not be needing to worry yourself about the AirMeet software.


~ Next Week’s Program ~

Next week we are INDUCTING 5 NEW MEMBERS!  Lets all be there to give them a big welcome to the club next week!

~ Joke of the Day ~

Q: Why don’t crabs give to charity?

A: Because they are just plain shellfish.

~ Happy Quotes! ~

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill


~ Published 10/28/2020: Dan Keuler, Newsletter Editor ~