Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for November 24, 2021

~ Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter ~

Rotary Club of Newberg, Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


~ Call to Order ~

President Joe Morelock welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Hybrid Live/Zoom meeting at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at the Chehalem Cultural Center.


~ Flag Salute ~

Ralph lead participants in the Pledge of Allegiance.


~ 4 Way Test ~

Amber lead participants in the recital of the 4 Way Test:

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say and do:

#1 – Is it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


#4 – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


~ Announcements ~

Volunteering Opportunities! Next year (beginning July 2022) there are a few board positions that are going to have vacancies through turnover. We will be looking to get an incoming Vice President, Secretary, and Community Relations Chair. Please reach out to Brandy if you have interest in any of these positions.

City Survey: Shannon Buckmaster, the Economic Health Manager for the City of Newberg, announced that the City is seeking input from local business owners to take part in an online survey, which will help the City understand the financial needs of Newberg Businesses with regard to recovering from the pandemic. The survey is available in English and Spanish at the following link: This will help the City determine best uses of the Federal ARPA funds recently made available.

Social Media Challenge: Keep an eye out for the Newberg Advantage Magazine and on our social media for “The Rotary Mural Challenge”. This will be a fun opportunity to learn more about our murals and to go visit them in person for a chance to win gift cards to local businesses.

~ Guests ~

Newberg Kiwanis Club

James Beus, guest, Astor House

Allen Holstein, guest, Holstein Vineyards


~ The Rotary Duck ~

Lisa: Met with Beth last week and learned so much about pre-planning and how smart it is to pre-plan for funeral type services.


~ Today’s Program: Friendsgiving Joint Lunch with Newberg Kiwanis Club ~

Joe Morelock lead the way in going around the room sharing our names, something about ourselves, AND our favorite Ice Cream: with the caveat that we do not repeat an ice cream flavor previously shared. Then both clubs shared about their major accomplishments, projects, and Fundraisers:

Kiwanis Club Updates:

  • Heather Lewis, the prior year president, led the club through the tough COVID transition to zoom meetings
  • On September 15, they had a very successful Golf Tournament that raised $25,000 for scholarships and kids programs. Look out for next year and consider participating in their golf tournament next year.
  • On Halloween they had 15 Kiwanians and Key Club volunteers helping kids and families across the downtown streets safely.
  • COVID was tough on school programs. Mabel Rush was able to participate over zoom and are looking for more parent volunteers to help run service programs.
  • They have some Salvation Army Bell ringing for Holiday season.

Newberg Noon Rotary Updates:

  • Newberg Noon Rotary is a Peace Builder Club and does projects such as Peace Village and Peace Poles. We are also in the middle of a $122,000 Global Grant for Nepal to prevent violence against women.
  • Work with funding the homeless shelter with supplies.
  • Contributes $10,000 annually to the School District Resource Rooms.
  • Donates about $50,000 annually for Scholarships for graduating seniors of local high schools.
  • Have completed 4 murals around the City over the last several years through a partnership with George Fox University.
  • The Rotaract Club, our high school club, have spearheaded the fundraising of the Kenyan School Project, whereby they raised enough money to fund a year of education for over 52 kids in Kenya.
  • Raised funds for a Global Grant to allow for the creation of Dispatch Services in rural Nepal.

To learn more about our friends, the Newberg Kiwanis Club, you can visit their website (which includes an opportunity to reach out and/or visit their social media pages):


~ Next Week’s Program: Evergreen Aviation Museum with Executive Director Terry Howell ~

Check your e-mails for Mike Caruso’s Zoom meeting access information.

~ Joke of the Day ~

“Have you heard of ‘Murphy’s Law’?
Yes, it is where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
But have you heard of Cole’s Law?
No, what is Cole’s Law?

Thinly Sliced Cabbage…”

~ Happy Quotes! ~

“One person can make a difference,
and everyone should try.”

– John F. Kennedy




~ Published 12/2/2021: Dan Keuler, Newsletter Editor ~