Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 15, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 15, 2019


We’ll get back to THAT * with today’s program!

Always enthusiastic Marge O’Connell was our GREETER!

Pres. Elect Corey Z. opened the meeting today!

Ralph Koozer led us in the Pledge.

Guests: Alex Roosevelt, Jerome Spencer, and program participants [hosted by Deborah Cathers-Seymour]: Charlie Rice, Rachel Newell, Justin Worthing and Caroline Elms-Moran.

Denise Bacon provided an anecdotal/emotional revisit of her first meeting with Ken Austin, Jr.  Also, she spoke glowingly of Geoff Gilmore, the Rotary Mural and the responsible GFU artist[s].  THOSE are ROTARY MOMENTS!

Leah was impressed with the caliber of applicants to replace her in the City Library…..and pleased with the final selection.

Spike reminded us of Pancake Breakfast Sponsorships availability….that listing was in last week’s Newsletter.

Sporting a new bit of facial hair, Jim McMaster announced a Clean-Up at Memorial Park from 4 – 7 PM next Thursday…the 23rd.

The Club’s “Bergquam Dental Ambassadors” made it safely to their destination with their objective of improving dental care internationally. Photo shows Dr. Eric, his wife, their daughter and his dental assistant, and their Rotarian host meeting them in the airport terminal .

Deborah Cather-Seymour mentioned yet another volunteer opportunity to “clean out the barn!” on May 23rd – 24th.

Shannon said the Installation Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th, 6 PM….site to be announced. Cost per person is $20.00 Sign up at:

Shannon also welcomed a fresh, always-smiling face into our “Friends of Rotary” Rosa Olivares, Community Engagement Specialist with the City of Newberg. WELCOME, ROSA!

AND…Shannon [she’s a very busy young lady!] reminded us of the Membership Committee’s meeting at 11:30 before the regular meeting on the 22nd.

Ray managed The DUCK this week….collecting $46 from a number of generous Rotarians more than willing to part with some of their hard-earned cash for a chance to “brag” on something or someone!  Most notably, and with Jim McMaster bringing it to everyone’s attention, Dale Welcome “fessed up” and took back his 2XL jacket he’d left last week!   And…for you newer members, sit with Dale and ask where he has been lately! And do that with all other Rotarians to get to know them better!  [Ed. note: In my 50+ years in Rotary this is one of the best ways to get to know folks…rather than sitting at the same table each week with the same group….just sayin’…as being a Rotarian is like having a HUGE “extended family”…globally!]

* YOOP!  YOuth OPportunity Program….”A Program of Chehalem Youth & Family Services”...introduced by Deborah Cather-Seymour.

Charlie Rice, Program Manager, and Rachael Newell, Supervisor, explained in depth this Yamhill County program that services about 2/3 of its clientele in the greater McMinnville area [Sheridan, Carlton, Yamhill, etc.], and 1/3 in Newberg and vicinity.  Now nine [9] years into the program to “Build the Workforce” with emphasis on Academic & Job Readiness through Incentives and Support Services, they brought with them two [2] “success stories” in the persons of Caroline and Justin, who gave their poignant/compelling personal stories as to how YOOP! helped turn them around, giving them new hope for their futures. To get a better idea as to the scope of this program, we were provided an example calendar of services/activities for May, bright yellow & red pens and wrist bands, as well as a very colorful/informational, first-rate flier describing in much detail what the program is, who it helps, and how we, as local concerned citizens, can help keep it going and improve it.

A BIG THANKS to Charlie, Rachael, Caroline and Justin for sharing your up-lifting stories with us today!

For more information and ways YOU can help, visit YOOP!’s website at:

AND….remember to check the Club’s website for information and calendar of upcoming meetings and activities.

As President-Elect Corey Z. closed the meeting…we are reminded how important in our daily lives is Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do…..

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Keeping those four points in mind…now go out and ….

~ Be The Inspiration! ~

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

A tidbit of a chuckle….after reviewing his latest creation…”Frankly, said Lloyd, rightly…that architectural design is terrific!”

Rotary history questions:  How many men were in the initial group that became Rotary? Can you name them? And what were their occupations?








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