Newberg Noon Rotary Newsletter for August 22, 2018


Spike Sumner was today’s GREETER….Thanks, Spike!

~ Opening of meeting ~

Once again, Om, our TRULY INSPIRATIONAL Club President, opened today’s meeting by
“ringing our chimes”…actually the Club’s Rotary Bell!

~ Pledge ~

Jeff Lane lead today’s Pledge…Thanks, Jeff!

~ Visitors – Guests ~

Guests today were: Ivan Estrada/Public Health, Allen Holstien [Dan K.’s guest], Justin Garcia [Auggie’s guest], and Rosa Olivares* [representing the City of Newberg]

~ Rotary Moment ~

Tony Lelack reminded us, with some examples, of the many/varied ways we see Rotary’s influences not only in our local community, but way beyond…regionally and internationally.

~ Announcements ~

Ralph Koozer gave us an update on his wife, Gail’s, situation with the debilitating disease, PSP. Among other issues which took her to the ER twice recently, because she has lost control of voluntary muscles, including swallowing, she must be fed through a tube. He thanked all who have visited and/or called….and those who have sat with her allowing him to get out of the house from time-to-time.

Program for 8/29/2018: Our speaker will be Ryan Dougherty, Vice President of Enrollment & Marketing at George Fox University….. “…I’m excited to come and share about all the exciting things going on at George Fox…”

~ “Tunes on Tuesday” ~

Be reminded again of the “Tunes on Tuesday” free summer concerts wrapping up this month at the Cultural District Plaza…for more information go to:

~ Follow-up on the Special BUTTESVILLE meeting last week… ~

By all accounts, according to those who attended, the special Buttesville “field trip” arranged by Corey Z. was a complete success! For those who were unable to attend, here’s a brief historical review: The Buttesville General Store is an Oregon State Heritage Site and is operated by the Friends of Historic Champoeg. All proceeds from the sale of just about everything in the store benefit educational and interpretive programs and Champoeg State Park, which is conveniently just a few miles down the road. More information to be found on the website….just enter “Buttesville, Oregon” as a search request.

~ The Duck ~

Todd Engel handled this week’s DUCK “offerings”…and did a terrific job of “extracting” contributions from several Rotarians present…including “Congratulations” to the two “newlyweds” in the club….and NOT married to each other!! Newlywed Geoff Gilmore reported on the progress of the Rotary Mural Project…. The “Grand Opening” for the mural is still in the planning stage, contingent upon the project’s completion date.

~ Today’s Program ~

Newberg Noon Rotary Club prides itself in its involvement with our delightful, livable city. So, it is only fitting that we get occasional updates as to what is happening within City Hall... and today’s speaker was Cheryl Caines with the City of Newberg Planning Department. She spoke in depth of the City’s “Riverfront Master Plan”…and how it is in need of making changes from when it was first adopted in 2002. She backed up her comments with a short-but-comprehensive show of images on our “big screens”. A public “VISIONING” meeting is planned for Edwards Elementary School Cafeteria tomorrow [August 23] to get input from the community. Basics of the The Vision Statement include, among other considerations, “..a place that is accessible, visually appealing, and safe.” For those interested, a Market Analysis can be found on the City’s website. She provided us with a variety of images of how other cities have addressed similar “riverfront” planning challenges, including Eugene, and Spokane, Washington. There was a LOT of discussion as to the multiple/mixed uses [i.e., residential, recreational, industrial, retail] already in existence as well as those suggested for the future, with the zoning, geographical and geological challenges, unstable riverbanks, and “What about the old mill site?” Cheryl’s presentation objective was more to bring awareness of the on-going Riverfront Master Plan efforts to get input from the citizenry rather than to inform us as to any definitive decisions having already been made on the subject. Cheryl was assisted/backed-up by our guest *Rosa Olivares, the City’s Community Engagement Specialist.

A BIG THANKS to Cheryl for a very informative presentation!

President Om then closed the meeting with her usual ROTARY SERVICE reminder…to

“Be the Inspiration!”

In Continuing Rotary Service,

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor

[P.S. – Editor’s request…would whoever is GREETER please put your name on the data sheet AND please write (legibly!) the names of all guests….and who their “sponsor” for the day is.]

Newberg Riverfront

Last week we heard about the riverfront meeting. Here’s how you can learn more and even add your thoughts.

The City of Newberg presented information about the Riverfront Master Plan project to Newberg Noon Rotarians August 22 and the following day held an open house August 23, 2018 to ask the public those questions. The consultant team working on the project is taking the ideas to draft plan alternatives. Plan alternatives will be presented in another public meeting later this year.

If you were not able to attend the public event, the City has made available the on-line version of this open house where you can provide ideas and feedback. Help shape the future of the riverfront by participating online, it takes about 15 minutes. Click HERE to participate online

Thank you for taking part in the future of Newberg’s Riverfront area!

Questions: Cheryl Caines |Senior Planner | City of Newberg

(503) 554-7744

Newberg Noon Rotary Newsletter for August 15, 2018

[Editor’s Opener....Today’s meeting was UNIQUE in that it was a FIELD TRIP/SOCIAL event. It also was one I was…sadly…unable to attend…SO….I am gratefully relying on others’ notes/observations as to what goes into this week’s newsletter…a real TEAM EFFORT!]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corey Zielsdorf

Butteville General Store Program: per Corey Zielsdorf.….

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Rotary Social from 12 – 2 PM last Wednesday, at The Butteville General Store. A special “Thank You” to Greg Leo, our “historian-for-all-things-Oregon” who gave us an amazing presentation on the History of Butteville, the Hudson Bay Company, Champoeg and the first ever provisional government in the Northwest formed on May 2nd, 1843! We also learned a little history about our very own Ewing Young and his Oak Tree….and his love for distilling Bourbon in our back yard!
And a Special Thanks to Dori Brittain and the catering staff at Bread & Salt Catering for the wonderful pulled pork and brisket lunch they served us.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Beth Pent’s experience was….paraphrasing from her notes of the event….”The speaker was an awesome historian and made you really want to dig in and find out more of this history of Yamhill county. Butteville was pretty much wiped out in the flood of 18-something, but the Butteville store has been there since the beginning. Hikers through Champoeg like to end up at the store for ice cream and home made goodies (cookies and pies). The boat dock is lacking about $90,000 to finish up. My thought was that maybe Noon Rotary could donate to that project, but that’s just my thought. It was not discussed.”
I had an appointment and had to leave as soon as we were done, so I didn’t get to go down to the new dock with Corey and others. Oh, and lunch was awesome: brisket or pulled pork sandwiches with either baked beans or potato salad. The had huge salads for the non-meat/or no-carb folks. Walter got a beer and promptly spilled it as soon as he sat down (there was a bump in the table he wasn’t expecting). The store was nice enough to give him another. 🙂 “
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Auggie’s observations…also paraphrasing: “Corey Z. opened the meeting, advising members that they had a choice of beef brisket, BBQ or chicken (I believe) sandwiches. There might have also been a vegetarian option. Choice of drink: Ice Tea or Lemonade, as well as water. Beer/Wine available for purchase inside, as well as dessert.”

Dave Gregory introduced his guest. Mr. Stuart Wilcuts. I introduced two guests: Gene Piros, former Rotarian, who is interested in membership as a Friend of Rotary. Justin Garcia, new Newberg, Director of Young Life who is interested in Rotary Membership in our club.”

Greg Leo

Corey introduced our speaker, Greg Leo (The Leo Company, LLC and his website is, ) who got up, introduced himself and spoke at length about the history of the Butteville General Store, Champoeg community & Ewing Young. He is a distant cousin to the current owner/operators. Much of his presentation focused on Ewing Young. Ewing Young was made a state-recognized holiday last year. Leah Griffith had a discussion with him about doing something in Newberg this coming February 9, 2019.”

I was surprised with the small turn out, given the long promotion of this Rotary Social.”
I do recall that Judy and her husband Marvin Robinson rode up on their bicycles….and they had ridden over from Champoeg Park :>) ”
At the end of our meeting, Corey invited members to walk over to see the new ramp installed by the Butteville community to encourage use and access to the river.”
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A BIG THANKS! to Corey, Beth, Leah and Auggie for “re-living” their experiences at the Buttesville General Store Newberg Noon Rotary meeting on the 15th! What at TEAM!
Program for August 22, at Friendsview ~ We will have an overview of the Riverfront Master Plan. For more details check the page on the City of Newberg’s website:
ROTARY ADDENDUM….the latest Polio Eradication stats: Number of Wild Poliovirus Cases Globally as of August 14, 2018:
New Cases Last 7 Days 1
YTD – 2018 14
YTD – 2017 9
Total – 2017 22
Total – 2016 37
Total – 2015 74
Total – 2014 359
Total – 2013 416
Total – 2012 223
Total – 2011 650
Total – 2010 1,352
Total – 2009 1,604
Total – 2008 1,651
In Continuing Rotary Service,
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor

Newberg Noon Rotary Newsletter August 8, 2018

Newberg Noon Rotary Newsletter for August 8, 2018


Paula Radich was today’s GREETER….Thanks, Paula!

~ Opening of meeting ~

Our always high-energy Club President, Om, opened today’s meeting with her usual excitement!

Be the Inspiration!

~ Pledge ~

Leah Griffith lead today’s Pledge…Thanks, Leah!

~ Visitors – Guests ~

NONE today…

~ Rotary Moment ~

Dr. Stan Kern gave a little story about applying at least two of the points of Rotary’s Four-Way Test in a recent sale of his wife’s Mercedes Benz….then conceded that the sale DID fit within all four points of the test….

~ Announcements ~

Prez Om gave us an update on former member and great friend, Suzanne Miller, happily settling in with her husband into their new Arizona home…in spite of 100+ degree temperatures…even at 8 PM!

Patrick Bancke

Patrick Bancke provided an update on project needs and plans in Nepal.

Om also made a point of addressing Ralph Koozer’s situation with his wife Gail’s suffering with PSP. A visit and/or phone call would be nice….and possibly sitting with her so as to allow him to get out of the house from time-to-time.

~ “Tunes on Tuesday” ~

Corey reminded us again of the “Tunes on Tuesday” free summer concerts wrapping up this month at the Cultural District Plaza…for more information go to:


Corey also reminded us that next week’s meeting [Aug 15] was going to be a “field trip” to Buttesville….meeting at the historic Buttesville General Store…from noon until about 2 PM. Store address: 10767 Butte St NE, Aurora, OR 97002

SO…we will NOT be at Friendsview or the Cultural Center…and for car-pooling possibilities/opportunities check with Leah or Corey.

Facebook page:

The Buttesville General Store is an Oregon State Heritage Site and is operated by the Friends of Historic Champoeg. All proceeds from the sale of just about everything in the store benefit educational and interpretive programs and Champoeg State Park, which is conveniently just a few miles down the road. More information to be found on the website….just enter “Buttesville, Oregon” as a search request.

~ The Duck ~

Rotary Mural Project

Becky Ankeny handled this week’s DUCK “offerings”…and did her usual great job of “extracting” contributions from several Rotarians present…Leah, Todd, Laura, Walter, Auggie, Beth, Julie, Corey, Aaron Lewis [who was a bit shy about acknowledging his impending marriage]….and Al Herriges informed us that he finally ”tied-the-knot” recently at the beach! …all generous Rotarians bragging on a variety of subjects….Geoff Gilmore included a mention of the Rotary Mural Project being a little behind schedule with permitting challenges at the City… but work will continue on the 15th – 18th…and how the student volunteers were stopped by a local police officer….who was informed that they did, indeed, have a permit[!]…but, none-the-less …how he said he would “kept an eye on them”…just to be sure! “Grand Opening” for the ROTARY MURAL is planned for September 5. Thanks for all the contributions to the Club’s coffers! [Editor’s note: Beth has agreed to assist me with keeping notes of proceedings within our meetings to assure greater accuracy in keeping track of what all is going on! THANKS, BETH!]

~ Today’s Program ~

One of Rotary’s Avenues of Service that Newberg Noon Rotary Club really excels at is YOUTH SERVICE….and here’s an example….

Bruce Carvalho

Today’s Speaker was Bruce CarvalhoScience Teacher at Chehalem Valley Middle School... where we had recently donated $500 to his SCIENCE PROGRAM. He gave us an in-depth description of how those dollars were spent. Bruce has three classes under his new “Genius Hour” curriculum: Science Exploration [24 students] ; 7th Grade Science [85 students]; and “INNOVATION LAB” [90 students]. With supportive photos, he told/showed us how/where the grant monies were spent…and the various projects the students did…. noting that many/most of them had never even tried to do anything creative such as he had them doing in each of these classes. Principal objective was to get them to work together, be creative, and be “problem solvers”. Bruce feels that the results are TERRIFIC, as many students are getting skills, concepts and study disciplines that will bode well for their future education as well as getting them to really think about possible science careers.

President Om is about to ”take her hat off” to Bruce for his dedicated efforts with today’s youth!

and then she closed the meeting with her usual reminder…to “Be the Inspiration!”

In Continuing Rotary Service,

Respectfully submitted

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor