Newsletter May 22, 2016

Friendsview hosted us again this week with a great lunch and wonderful hospitality. It’s nice to have such a great place to meet as we wait for our new digs to get finished up. As you may have seen from Paula’s Board Briefs, we’ll be returning to GFU to the new Canyon Commons when it’s completed in early June. So watch closely for Rotary news on where we are meeting each week.

Britta Stewart, our intern who will be compiling our Rotary history, joined us today. She’ll be working with Geoff Gilmore to pull it all together and she’ll be interviewing our members to get information. She’ll be joining us at our meetings this summer.

Spencer Veatch and his mom Amy were joining us for Spencer’s now annual announcement about the Boy Scout Memorial Day Chicken BBQ. You can contact Spencer ( to have chicken delivered to your business as well. Such a deal.

Rubies and Roses is coming up as the premier event for CYFS. Talk to Deborah Cathers-Seymour for tickets.

It was the 3rd Wednesday of the month and so the proceeds from the Duck when to the Polio Plus campaign.

So Geoff Gilmore is working on getting a 600# bathtub up to his second floor master bath for his wife’s dream bathroom. And it’s taken three different times! What a guy, hopefully this time it worked. Geoff, we expect a report this Wednesday.

Dave Benson introduces Rotary Exchange Students 051816

Dave Benson from the Earlybirds

Dave Benson from the Earlybirds joined us along with Kari Fahrenkoph joined us along with inbound and outbound exchange students. It’s always great to have these young students join us. We heard from inbound students Max from Chile (who’s dad is the best Rotary club president in the country as he’s young (45) and all the club members are “old”), and Lookkwan from Thailand who shared their family and country stories. Friendsview was serving Thai wraps, but I didn’t hear if Lookkwan liked them or not.