Newsletter April 6, 2016

Meeting at Friendsview 050416 (1)We started our nomad meetings at Friendsview and they welcomed us with a wonderful lunch, table centerpieces and plenty of cookies for everyone. Thanks Friendsview for your great hospitality!


Mike Caruso and Amy were recently in Chicago for their son’s performance at

Gabe Caruso

Gabe Caruso

2nd City. He had a great night with a sold out house and standing ovation. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him on Saturday Night Live!.

jack and vickie

Jack and Vickie Maxwell


Jack Maxwell III shared about his upcoming wedding on Saturday. Congratulations to Jack and Vickie.


Today we heard from NAMI-Yamhill County. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) provides support, education and advocacy for those with serious mental illness and their families. Our own Suzanne Miller is a volunteer with the group and teaches a family support group.

NAMI Presenter Rob Schulman 050416

Rob Schulman, NAMI-Yamhill President

Rob Schulman shared the story of NAMI and what they can do for our community. Rob has been president of NAMI for the last four years and active with NAMI since 1998. NAMI is all volunteers, including Rob. He shared that mental illness is treatable, but getting people into treatment is the challenge. Our jails are full of individuals who are primarily there due to mental illness. Most people with serious mental illness are not violent, most of those who commit violent attacks do have mental illness. 1% of the world’s population suffers from schizophrenia as it is genetic.

The stigma of mental illness is the enemy and NAMI works to remove that stigma for families and individuals. It is important to remember that mental illness is just that, an illness that can respond to treatment. We didn’t use to talk about cancer, but now we do, we should talk about mental illness too. We need to support those with mental illness and to support their families as well.

NAMI has been working with our local law enforcement to help them deal with mentally ill individuals to bring about a better resolution for everyone. He commented that Newberg Dundee Police have been great about getting training for their officers and responding to individuals appropriately.

NAMI has a 24 hr crisis line 1-800-560-5535. You can find out more at their Facebook page (NAMI Of Yamhill co.) If you’d like to support NAMI, you can become a member for $35 at PO Box 345 McMinnville, OR 97128.

Next week, no meeting on Wednesday, but we’ll be at ADEC on Friday at 8 am for our joint Rotadent meeting with Early Birds and Greeters. See you then.