Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter SPECIAL ADVISORY EDITION


Club: Because of the current/global “coronavirus/COVID-19” situation, following advisories from our nation’s Federal Adminstration, and for the health and safety of all Rotarians and their families, all Newberg Noon Rotary Club meetings…general and committee…are cancelled until further notice…that includes our AUCTION…which has been cancelled for now…to be re-assessed and likely will be held in the Fall… Corey Zielsdorf. Club President.  Need to discuss something with another Rotarian…or more?  Try e-mail and/or telephone!


We are excited to announce that while we will not be meeting face to face for the 2020 District 5100 Training Assembly (DTA) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proceeding with a learning plan to motivate members and prepare incoming leaders for the coming Rotary year. As an act of solidarity, we thought it would be a fun idea to encourage Rotarians to use April 4th, a date already set aside for DTA, as a day of training.

We are also excited about other online training opportunities for all District 5100 Rotarians using the tools available to us in the Learning Center. It’s crucial to keep club leaders and members informed. Informed leaders and members feel included and are more likely to become and remain involved.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 4th, and stay tuned for further details. This is truly a win-win situation, getting the training you need and staying healthy. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Jo Crenshaw
District 5100 Governor 2020-21

District & International: 

Dear Fellow Rotarians:

With a heavy heart, I have finally had to recognize that the Covid19 virus is going to be with us for awhile. The health and safety of my fellow Rotarians is of utmost importance. We cannot run the risk of contributing to the potential spread of this deadly virus. For these reasons, the Governor team has decided that this year’s District Conference is cancelled. Those of you who have registered will receive a full refund. You will need to cancel your own hotel reservations at the resort. I am assured by the Conference Committee that there will not be any major financial implications with this cancellation. My hope is that perhaps this summer or in the Fall, we can organize a “Rotary Reunion” event to present awards and to celebrate making it through this difficult time.

With respect to the fellowship that we are all missing; please find ways to still connect with your Rotary family. I am learning to use Zoom and it is fairly straight forward. Clubs are using a variety of technologies to stay in touch. Even a conference call allows you to hear each other’s voices.

Portland Rotaract has put together a unique “Mutual aid” program to help others who cannot get out to do basic errands. They will deliver prescriptions, grocery shop…whatever someone needs.

As you heard from RIP Mark Maloney, the International Convention has also been cancelled. If you are registered you do not need to do anything right now….unless you booked rooms apart from the RI listing.

We will hear more as RI is able to sort things out.

I will continue to put out a weekly memo with updates as they come available. In the meantime, stay well, stay home, and stay optimistic!

YIRS, DG Diane


Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman Newsletter Editor