Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 8, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 8, 2019

Always pleasant Dr. Stan Kern was our GREETER today!

Back at the Cultural Center, President Om opened the meeting with a somewhat somber welcome, asking Walter Want to lead us in the Pledge.

President Om reminded us of the recent passing of long-time Newberg Rotarian and citizen-extraordinaire, Ken Austin, Jr.  His book, “American Dreamers” memorializes the lives of Ken and his wife, Joan.

Fred offered a heart-felt prayer, and moment of silence, in memory of Ken & Joan.

Non-revenue-generating announcements included:

Spike reminded us that Pancake Breakfast sponsorships are now open:  Pavilion Sponsor/$1,500 [one available at this level]; Beverage Sponsor/$500 [one available at this level]; Griddle Sponsor/$250 [eight available at this level]; Table Sponsor/$50 [unlimited number available at this level!]. Sponsorships’ checks to be payable to:  Rotary Club of Newberg Early Birds.

Leah reminded us that advanced ticket sales by our members go to our club…whereas day-of-event sales and sponsorships go to a common  pool, then are re-distributed.

Tony asked about on-line sponsorship payments…”In the works”…per Spike.

A request was made for RYLA [Rotary Youth Leadership Awards] applicants, as we have NONE now….and RYLA camp is coming up in July!

Leah gave us an update on $$$ from Auction: $124,949 gross receipts; giving a $88,605 net.

Noon Rotarians have been invited to attend the Early Bird Rotary Fireside on Thursday evening, the 16th, 6 PM, at Tina’s Barn at 23095 NE Mountaintop Rd.  Please RSVP:         AND….a $10 donation will be appreciated to cover food costs!

Laura spoke of Foundation $$ uses, including a grant to a young woman helping the homeless in Uganda…working with Interactors.

Announcement:  The Austin|Parrish family cordially invite you to join them in a Celebration of Life to honor the life and legacy of Ken Austin Jr. on Friday, May 31, 2019.  The celebration will commence at 2:30 PM at George Fox University Bauman Hall Auditorium / Stoffer Family Stadium in Newberg, Oregon.   A reception will immediately follow at the Chehalem Cultural Center. To ensure that the Austin|Parrish family is prepared to welcome all that wish to celebrate Ken’s life, we kindly ask that you take a moment to register.  However, all are welcome to attend regardless of registration.
News from the Early Bird Rotarians:
1.  Ken Austin Jr. Celebration of Life for our Rotarians:    May 23rd at the normal Thursday Rotary meeting at 7 am at the CCC. I will be sharing photos of Ken’s 84th Birthday party and some of the slides we used during his birthday party. I want to encourage all of you to share a story or two with the club of how you met Ken and how he impacted your life.
2.  Reminders:  Memorial Day Clean up @ Pioneer Cemetery Saturday May 18th 9-12pm. Meet at the Cemetery @ 9 am! 
3.  Newberg Downtown Coalition Clean Up Day-May 19th 1-4pm meet @ Butler Property, grassy area across from City Hall on First and Howard st.
4.  Sherwood Club Rotary Tree Sale 4/20-5/11th Volunteer Signup on their website at
[Editor’s note:  I went to their Tree Sale on 5/11 and bought three [different] gorgeous apple trees….and their club accepted my offer to do a program soon for them on the Forest Grove Rotary Concours d’Elegance….yet another long-standing Rotary fundraiser!]
Noon Rotarians are invited to join the Early Birds in the all the above activities. 
Reminder of May 15, Club Meeting (Chehalem Cultural Center):  Program: Chehalem Youth and Family Services Update, Presenter: Newberg Noon Rotarian, Deborah Cathers-Seymour………….
Then the meeting on May 22nd…Membership Committee Meeting…@ 11:30 am – 12:00 pm….and the Club Meeting (Chehalem Cultural Center) Program:  Newberg Interact Club – Presentation of Projects
Geoff Gilmore managed the DUCK, with encouragement to tell stories/remembrances related to Ken Austin’s life….and there were several very heart-warming recollections….with $55 generated.
Today’s program presenters, Lori Bergen, CEO, and Diana Fisher, Executive Director [and a Friend of Rotary] for Providence Newberg Medical
Center, gave us an update on new developments at the Newberg Providence health-care complex.  Planned facility opening is in the Winter of 2019 – 2020.  Lori spoke first:
With detailed supportive images, she summarized the information provided in hand-out fliers provided at each table….”Elevating Care, Close to Home…”…In order to grow and serve more patients, Providence is investing in our community to increase access to primary care, cancer services, cardiac rehab and more….”
Diana reinforced what Lori had said, with more specifics that focused on such topics as the size/layout of facilities, cardiac rehab, specialty medicine timeshare offices, and “Basecamp” [with emphasis on wellness & prevention], etc.
To donate or learn more:  Call 503-537-1670 or visit: Providence
A BIG THANKS! to Lori and Diana for the terrific, insightful, update on Providence’s latest development!
Always-inspirational Club President Om closed the meeting.
A sure-fire way to guide a calm-but-productive life is to follow Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think say or do:
First – Is it the TRUTH?
Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Following these guidelines makes it so much easier to…..
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor
Rotarian Magazine question:   OK….so…what happened in Berea, Ohio, last Memorial Day [2018] that merited a photo in the May, 2019, issue of the Rotarian Magazine, and how does it relate to the Rotary “theme” for May?  [Your “prize” for researching this and reporting it to the membership will be the satisfaction of having read one of the finest publications on Rotary and its programs/activities around the world!…AND…perhaps making a small donation for the privilege of reporting this!….but don’t stop with the subject article…as there is much more…so much more…to be found each month in The Rotarian Magazine!]