Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for both March 4 & 11, 2020

BREAKING NEWS!!!  In response to current “best practices” information from State & Federal Government sources, ALL Newberg Noon Rotary meetings …including committee meetings…have been cancelled by Club President Corey Z. until further notice!

AND…this newsletter is a “2-FER”….combining/blending two [2] weeks’ worth of meetings into one, as “domestic infra-structure” issues/circumstances prevented Yours Truly…Newsletter Editor Rick…from producing a newsletter for the March 4 meeting.  And a  “BIG THANKS” to “engineer extraordinaire” Ralph Koozer for assisting me with my home’s primary electrical supply challenges!

GREETERS: March 4 – Shannon Knight; March 11 – Jim McMaster

Club President Corey Z. opened both meetings at the Chehalem Cultural Center. having Dale Welcome lead us in the PLEDGE on the 4th…..and Dr. Stan Kern did so on the 11th.

Guests: 4th: Only our two speakers – from the Oregon Community Foundation: Jenn Columbus [Salem Rotarian] and Michael Achterman.  On the 11th: Gene Piros’ wife, Rebecca, and “Friend of Rotary” Ann Dolan.

Yummy & nutritious meals provided, per usual by Bon Appetit…however…as a health precaution, we had GLOVED SERVERS on the 11th..with Michelle C. and Shannon B. masterfully managing these roles!

....Then Paula reminded us to NOT THROW OUT THE BOWLS/PLATES & SILVERWARE!

President Corey’s cancellation of meetings until further notice is the most important announcement at this time.

Rotary moments:  4th – none;  11th :  Auggie touched on the “coronavirus” situation w/ two stories…for details on those…check with him! He’s always up for story-telling!

DUCK TALES: Michelle Colvin collected $34 on the 4th….while Gene Piros’ efforts added $54.25 on the 11th.  Without going into specific “tale” details, several Rotarians made contributions.

Auggie was not at the meeting on the 4th…as he was leading our Dental Health Project in Central America….and has provided a bunch of photos from that “philanthropic adventure”:

...the Destination!…….Dr. Cole & assistant

..curious child…...Dr. Bright & Assistant Lacey

….D. Andrews celebrates patient’s treatment!……Dr. Polan & Jesse assisting…..Irvin with students…….The 

Guatemala Team… Carstens……He came in searching for Mathew to give him a big hug!… Matt & Ali team up!

…two local girls peering through a window to see what is going on!

..mother and child….…Shannon overseeing “her” dental team…

..Maureen…with interpreter …treating patient.

..the waiting line in El Hato…and the waiting line in San Mateo on the last day of the clinic!

And yet another successful….life-changing-for-all-involved….trip spent helping our Southern Neighbors!

Program on the 4th:  Jenn Columbus & Michael Achterman from the Oregon Community Foundation.  “Putting donated dollars to work for Oregonians.  OCF brings together a powerfull network of citizen philanthropists to invest in a bright future for Oregonians.  Through grantmaking, research, advocacy and community building, OCF guides donors toward strategic giving that reflects individual priorities and community needs.” Together, we transform generosity into measurable impact.”  “OCF’s Promise:  Stability, expertise and a proven commitment to donors and to Oregon’s communities.”, andJenn & Michael gave us OCF’s historical beginnings, financial basis and an overview of what makes OCF so special.  For additional information, check OCF’s website.

Then…on the 11th we had fellow Newberg Noon Rotarians, Dr. Joe Morelock and Brandy Penner from the Newberg School District provide us details of the upcoming School Bond Issue:

.….….with Dr. Joe making major points about the “Core Bond Package”.  One of which was that “….it costs about $500/ sq.ft. to build a school.”  We were provided printed/detailed information to takehome and review.  Brandy gave us a parent’s perspective what with three kids of her own in the educational system. For more details check out the School District’s website.  Bottom line…. $141,204,879.   Which comes out to $1.18 additional tax per $1000 assessed valuation on real estate.  Thanks, Brandy & Dr. Joe!

REMEMBER….as a community and personal health safety matter, no meetings until further notice!

Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor.
With the following “tidbits” of WISDOM…..

“Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of Happiness.” ~ George Santayana                                

“He who rushes ahead doesn’t go far.”  ~ Lao Tzu    

“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.  ~ Henry David Thoreau                                                and…. 

“Life has all seasons. Some can seem longer than others, but all of them bring you closer to your purpose. The cold of winter eventually gives way to the warmth of spring.  

During the darkest of days, you can huddle in the shadows, or you can embody the sunlight that is still there behind the clouds. Be the warmth that melts the snow. See and nurture the beauty that awaits just below the thawing earth. Your soul’s purpose is the renewal that brings your own spring.” – author unknown