Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for March 24, 2021

~ Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter ~

Rotary Club of Newberg, Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


~ Zoom Meeting Participants ~

Shannon B, Mike, Dan, Lynn, Auggie, Patrick, Amber, Paula, Dale, Michael P, Michelle, Ralph, Judy, Lisa, Kathie, Larry, Laura, Amy, Joe, Om, Shawn, Todd, Jeff, Kim, Brandy.


~ Call to Order ~

President Shannon Buckmaster welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Zoom meeting at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, 2021. The Rotarians split out into breakout groups to start the meeting.


~ Flag Salute ~

Auggie lead participants in the Pledge of Allegiance.


~ 4 Way Test ~

Ralph lead participants in the recital of the 4 Way Test:

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say and do:

#1 – Is it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


#4 – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


~ Announcements ~

New Member Induction: Shawn Daley, the Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at George Fox University, was officially inducted into the Club today! CONGRATS AND WELCOME!


~ Guests ~

Patrick Evans, Guest Speaker

James Beus, Guest of Om


~ The Rotary Duck ~

Auggie: Reminder that there are a couple of weekend Rotary training opportunities coming in April. These are a great introduction to Rotary and about all of the committees or positions you may be considering in the future.

Shannon B: District Assembly this year is fully online and is taking place over the course of two separate dates, is totally Free, and open to all Rotarians. Shannon Registered already. There are some general courses and some specific to certain Roles and Committees. Information was sent by email, go sign up!

Joe: Welcome To new member Shawn Daley!

Mike: Mentioned that Paul Chapelle will be speaking for all the Peace Builder Clubs. You may remember his amazing presentation to our Club a month or so ago. Mike will send out more information by email.

Laura: Will get her COVID shot tomorrow morning and then will have a busy day of meetings and work on the Violence Against Women Global Grant. Noted that the EMS Grant is signed off, fully funded, and now is in final stages of completion.

James Beus: Introduced himself as the new Community Sales Advisor at Astor House Retirement at Springbrook Oaks. Thanked Om for inviting him.

Ralph: Gave in support of work being done with homeless sheltering by the Club.

Shannon B: Reminded us all to vote for the Rotary Board and Club Positions. Also mentioned that there will be a special presentation next week announcing the official elected individuals and will also be celebrating the official Rotarian of the Year for the Club.


~ Today’s Program: Turtle Dove Shelters by Patrick Evans ~

Patrick Evans lives in McMinnville. Turtle Dove Shelters Inc was started last year by 5 individuals to combat homelessness. They realized they would work to keep homeless dry and out of the rain. Patrick presented the shelter (see picture) that they are making which provides mobile shelter that can be pulled by bicycle. He mentioned that he volunteers at a church which shelters during freezing time but are limited by capacity, which creates a problem that this project helps to solve. It is a lightweight, weighing 70 lbs and made out of similar material to that which is used on political signs. This is designed for people who have no other option. They do not ask for money or sobriety by homeless individuals who want one. There are 150 in Yamhill Co who live on the street, in tents, or in shelters during inclement weather. They got the idea from a homeless man who created a prototype concept design out of wood but it weighed way too much. They also are working with Veteran Groups. They gave the first shelters in July 2020 and have given out 23 and have 5 more in production. It takes a week to make and they build in their garages. They have no commercial space, truck, or employees. The interior can be locked for safety. They are hoping to be a stepping stone for people living on the street. Cost $500 in material cost to build one. They were also interviewed by KGW News and the segment can be seen online. Click Here for the News Story on YouTube. They are also passing the program and idea on to other areas around the nation in hopes that it will help more people nationwide. For individuals who have no bike, they try to supply one for free, and have even custom made one with wheelbarrow handles to be pulled by hand like a rickshaw.

Turtle Dove Shelters Inc is a registered 501(c)3 and your donations are tax deductible. For more information or to donate, Go to


~ Next Week’s Program: Rotary Club of Newberg’s Annual Meeting ~

Check your e-mails for Mike Caruso’s Zoom meeting access information.

~ Joke of the Day ~

I always knock on the Refrigerator door before I open it…

Just in case there is a Salad dressing.

~ Happy Quotes! ~

“Be available for life to happen.”

– Bill Murray


~ Published 3/27/2021: Dan Keuler, Newsletter Editor ~