Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 5, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 5, 2019

Meeting at Chehalem Cultural Center opened by our ALWAYS INSPIRATIONAL…and very excited to be a “short-timer”…Club President Om.

“PARTY TIME!” was her primary theme today….as she mentioned not only the planned INSTALLATION DINNER…[see invitation below]…but other celebratory “fetes” planned this month in Newberg.

Kathy George led us in the Pledge.

Geoff Gilmore provided a Rotary Moment…as it happened! Quoting Geoff: “Here you go! A fellow Rotarian stated a half hour prior to today’s meeting that we should all be more actively engaging with our new members and guests – not just our friends that we normally associate with at our lunch meetings. I decided I could do better and saw an opportunity a half hour later (today’s meeting) to sit at this table of all women – all but one whom I did not know. I ended up being asked about and discussing our Rotary Murals Project – one of my favorite topics and was pleasantly surprised by this ‘Rotary Moment’. “

LOTS OF GUESTS TODAY! Mary Jane Hendricks, 1st American Title, Early Bird Rotarian…and the rest are part of our program…to be introduced later….below….*

Announcements: Spike reminded us of Pancake Breakfast Sponsorships available…check with Spike or go to the website…Jeff Lane has agreed to take on the position of our Club’s Treasurer for the event…and he let us know that this year we are NOT “obligated” to sell all the tickets given us, but that ALL the pre-event ticket sales proceeds go directly into OUR COFFERS! SO…SELL! SELL! SELL!

Becky A. gave fresh kudos to Judy R. [she was not here last week for this!] for her help/dedication to the Scholarship Committee. Thanks, Judy!

Gene Piros handled the DUCK …collecting a total of $54 from several Rotarians present.

NEWS FLASH! Next week’s meeting here at CCC will be an update on the St.Paul Rodeo.

SENIOR MEALS TUESDAY, JULY 2ND – We are in need of volunteers for both shifts Senior Meals Tuesday, July 2nd. Please click on the link below to sign up!

Reminder: Our Club Meeting June 19th is cancelled. Join us for a special Celebration at the ROTARY INSTALLATION DINNER, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, FURIOSO VINEYARDS [8415 NE Worden Hill Rd., Dundee, Oregon.] We will honor Om Sukheenai for an amazing year as Club President and induct Corey Zielsdorf as incoming 2019 – 2020 Club President. Please see attached invitation. Dinner cost $20/person.

*Today’s Program: MV Advancements: Executive Director Kathy Schlotfeldt, MVA Executive Director [and McMinnville Noon Rotarian] started out with a bit of her own “bio”, some of the organization’s history…and her own/personal impetus to “get involved”…

.Kathy grew up on a farm outside of St. Paul, picking berries, hoeing crops and feeding the livestock, along with her brother Wally who experienced disabilities. Wally was deprived of oxygen at birth. It wasn’t until Wally was many months old that her parents realized his development was delayed. He didn’t walk until he was 5 and his vocabulary is limited to about 50 words. One word he does use often is “work”. He lives in a group home in Mt. Angel and has many friends. People with disabilities want what you and I want: a job, a home, friends and to be active in the communities. Many of our friends are people we met at work. Imagine how your life would be different if you never had the opportunity to have a job.

MV Advancements [MVA] empowers and supports 300 adults who experience disabilities in Yamhill, Marion and Polk counties to live, work, and…most importantly…thrive.

We provide service and support for the whole person, not just one aspect of their life.

· In the area of LIVE, we support over 40 individuals in our housing programs, from 24 hour residential to in home services in individual’s homes.

· In the area of WORK, we support over 200 individuals in community employment. Employment includes individual placement jobs at local businesses as well as small group employment with several business partners, including A-dec in Newberg. These jobs pay minimum wage or higher.

· In our COMMUNITY INCLUSION program, we support over 80 individuals to thrive by providing daily access to our community, building skills, volunteering and developing meaningful relationships.

Kathy then introduced Connie Christianson, MVA Business Relations Manager [and Newberg Early Birds Rotarian]…

….who…in turn introduced the following folks with their heart-warming MVA stories:

Marie Gwilliam – Employment Manager, Yamhill County [and McMinnville Sunrise Rotarian]

…..Pel is supported by MVA in residential and employment. Prior to entering services, Pel lost his mother and his home. His friend Denise Murphy was concerned what would happen to Pel when his mom died. Denise thought of calling DHS, but was afraid. She didn’t know if he would end up in a better place. So she was relieved to find out someone had connected Pel to MV Advancements. This change was scary for him. In a little over a year’s time, he had lost his mother, his home, and 3 of his beagles. But he was so excited to go looking at apartments, and take his beagle, Princess, with him! MV Advancements completely changed his life. They helped him land his very first job, moved him into a safe and clean apartment, enrolled him in food stamps, arranged for surgery on his cleft palate, connected him to a dentist, and assisted with funding for hearing aids. Before MV Advancements, he seemed to know everyone in town, but was alone and devoid of close friends. Now he is part of the greater MV Advancements community and has done things he never dreamed of – like, attend sporting events in Portland, fly on a plane, go on a cruise, visit the beach, dance and regularly play basketball with friends. That is living!

Steven Scherer – Employment Manager, Polk & Marion Counties

….Cody worked for many years at our Wood Products division in Amity. He was a hard worker and did great for many years but the work was the same every day and he wasn’t being challenged or learning anything new. Then his attendance started to become sporadic and he often came to work late. It was time for Cody to find a new job. Steven worked with Cody and found out that he was really interested in cars. During job development he visited many possible employers. He visited the auto center at the Walmart in Dallas and at first was not interested in working there. But after observing the work, he agreed to give it a try. He found that he liked the job and his co-workers. One of his dreams was to buy a car. Steven encouraged him to set a goal and work towards it. 342 days after he started his job at Walmart, he bought a pick-up truck, all on his own and drove it to Steven’s office to show him. Since starting at Walmart, Cody has been promoted and is one of the fastest technicians in the department. Cody is now looking to the future and living his best life.

Ed Wanner – Manager of Enclave Operations

….Isaac joined MV Advancements after completing his High School transition program, he was 20 years old. His first day was rough. He was scared and in a panic. Three different times his parents tried to leave, but Isaac chased after them. The fourth time, with dad as the getaway driver, they made it out onto the highway- but Isaac chased after them. He gently but persistently walked over the top of his staff Katie. For 3 hours this went on. All staff were on code red alert. The next day was better. He was calmer that day, and the next was better yet. The staff had rallied, and continued to rally to make sure Isaac had every opportunity to thrive. After getting comfortable with his staff and fellow peers the quest began to support Isaac with participating in his community. Every week the Amity CIS crew worked really hard to get Isaac to touch the steps of the bus. After several months eventually he did. Next was to step onto the bus and eventually he did. Then came sitting on the bus (for a second or two) eventually he did. This was a long and dedicated process. Finally, the momentous day came; Isaac boarded the bus, sat down, scared but determined he rode that MV Advancements bus about a mile before coming back. The MV Advancements team was over the moon. The phones blew up that day letting everyone know of Isaac’s accomplishment. We all cheered, his Mom cried, it was a day to celebrate! One week later Isaac and his staff ventured into McMinnville, the destination was a walking path. The call came in “the ship has landed”. Isaac got off the bus and walked the track with a staff. Now he’s the man about town going out most days with staff on community outings. Shopping at the Dollar Tree is a favorite outing. Isaac is most definitely thriving. From that first touch of the bus steps to the day he rode out the driveway took a total of 5 years! His mother Anna is so grateful that MVA did not give up on Isaac. It was so huge! Anna can’t imagine Isaac’s life without the dedication of MVA and their staff. Isaac and his team proved to all of us that even the smallest of successes should be celebrated and honored. It does make a difference, and we all thrive because of it.

Chris Browne – Chris Browne Insurance, has been on the Board of Directors of MVA for over 20 years. She is so embarrassed that she hired a supported individual just 3 years ago…. but is now….

….effusively proud of a supported employee [and a guest today] Elaine Studebaker….

….Elaine has made such a difference in Chris’ office. When she first started, Elaine worked just a few hours a week on limited tasks. Chris called Elaine in her office one day to talk with her. Elaine thought she was going to get fired. Chris said, no, we want to promote you. Elaine had never been promoted, only fired. After that, Elaine talked with Chris and said she needed a raise. Chris agreed and gave Elaine a raise. She had already calculated the new pay rate on her time sheet. Once when Chris was on vacation, Elaine giggled and told Chris and she and her co-worker played hooky when she was gone. They went to get coffee and they stayed at the coffee shop to drink their coffee. Then they went to the copy shop to pick up some copies for the office. They chatted with people along the way. In the insurance business, this is not playing hooky, it’s doing business! Elaine has become an important part of Chris’ team and she encourages other employers to not wait as long as she did to hire someone. MVA provides the job coaching supports, helping teach the tasks and overseeing the success of the individual at your business. It’s a no-brainer and I wish I would have hired Elaine sooner! Elaine said a few words about her work with Chris….obviously proud/thankful to have the job!

For decades MV Advancements has been doing amazing/productive acts for an often under-served segment of our population! THANK YOU!

President Om closed the meeting…her attitude/actions always inspiring us, urging us to follow…

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do:

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

NOW…go out and………

~ Be The Inspiration! ~

Respectfully submitted

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

Snippets of humor…”If I refuse to take a nap… that resisting a rest?” and….A sign in a tavern…..”Prices subject to change, according to customers’ attitudes…” 🙂