Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 12, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 12, 2019

Today’s GREETER was Dale Welcome.

Happy 4th of July Newberg!

Our “short-timer” President OM opened the meeting today….celebration this is her last month as Club President!

Denise Bacon led us in the Pledge.
Guests today were: Bayo Ware–City of Newberg/Visioning;  Jillian Felizarta, Newberg School District; and Doug Root, Ewing Young Distillery.
Non-revenue announcements:
Bayo Ware made another appearance letting us know of the June 18 [Tuesday, 6 – 8 PM] Community Conference to see the “Plan for Newberg’s Future” at the CCC.  Questions: call Bayo at 503.537.1240 ext. 8501/ Bayo, or
Curt Walker had tickets available for adults & youth for the July 27 & 28 Pancake Breakfasts…Making the point that all pre-event sales proceeds go directly to our club.

Wednesday, June 19, Noon Rotary Meeting Cancellation.  Wednesday, June 19, Rotary Club Installation Dinner, Furioso Vineyards 6:00 pm.  Shannon put in a request for additional help in setting up the Installation Dinner at Furioso Vineyards.

Thursday, June 20, Leah Griffith Retirement Party 4-6 p.m., Newberg Public Library…

Rotary Pancake Breakfast – Saturday & Sunday, July 27 – 28….SIGN UP NOW!

Go to the website to get more information on the following:  2019-2020 Rotary Club Dues;  2019-2020 Rotary Club Meeting Schedule;  2019-2020 Rotary Club Organization Chart;  2019-2020 Rotary Club Directors and Leads;  Rotary Club Directory–includes Friends of Rotary and Pictures of All Noon Rotarians;  Invitation to participate in Guatemala Trips–Ohio Rotary Club

New Member induction done by Shannon and Om…..welcoming Kathie Byer as our newest Rotarian!  We all look forward to Kathy’s Classification Talk to learn more about her!
Becky Ankeny collected $26 for the Duck today…..
Jeff Lane reminded us to sign up on-line for the Pancake Breakfast duty…the fundraiser started in 1966….and then just had to let us know that  National German Chocolate Day was started by an American….huh…?…….thanks, Jeff!

Jillian Felizarta, Newberg School District – ELL/Migrant/Dual Language Program Teacher on Special Assignment

Building success for all students
The EL [English Learner] program helps Emergent Bilinguals who need support to be able to access academic content.  The Newberg School District serves approximately 250 K-12 students in its EL program at nine schools. Bilingual students are exited from the program upon scoring proficient on the statewide ELPA21 assessment.  Student are monitored for 4 years upon exiting.

Success for All Students
The district’s goal is for Emergent Bilinguals to perform academically in English and the home language at the same level as their English-only peers. The district is committed to providing Emergent Bilinguals full access to the complete range of school-based programs and support services. It seeks to develop a strong and effective partnership with parents of Emergent Bilinguals and to provide the necessary support for staff to implement the policies and practices necessary for student success.

  • EL – i. e., English Learner;
  • EL Class Period (middle and high school);
  • Sheltered Instruction (Content area teachers K-12);
  • Dual Language – Spanish: Edwards Elementary School and Mountain View Middle School;
  • 351 Students are expected in the 2019 Summer School Program.

Some “bragging” about Jillian’s successes by Dr. Joe…AND celebrating the end of the school year with NO SUIT…but rather a casual/colorful shirt:

Today’s program:  An update on the  St. Paul Rodeo…by Cindy Schonholtz, General Manager, St. Paul Rodeo, 
This internationally famous event was founded in 1935….and…growing over the decades….had 53,151 in attendance in 2018!  Rodeo participant athletes and their four-legged counterparts….are world-class…. coming from all over….and considering they compete in professional rodeo events at such venues as Madison Square Garden in New York City, that “ain’t half bad” for a tiny town in NW Oregon!  Here are but a few of the planned sights & sounds of the St. Paul Rodeo:  Wild West Art Show, BBQ Cook-Off, Auction, Vendors, Carnival, Family Day Kids Activities, Tack Room Saloon, day & night performances. For even more fascinating bits of information, and the 2019 Schedule of Events  [July 2 – 6…including FIREWORKS NIGHTLY!] on the St. Paul Rodeo, and contact information, go to their website at
Kevin Smith, President, St. Paul Rodeo Association [no picture available], said but a few words, letting the rest of the “team” do most of the talking.  And…..introducing the St. Paul Rodeo court, we have:
Dessa Coleman, Queen, St. Paul Rodeo
Hannah Austin, Princess, St. Paul Rodeo
Caitlin Holmlund, Princess, St. Paul Rodeo
These three lovely, well-spoken, very articulate, young ladies all have plenty of farm/ranch experience in the local area, and are accomplished “barrel-racers”….and having been riding horses virtually all their lives!  Their stated career choices indicate solid-grounding in their educations, but also seriousness toward their individual future plans.
Al let us know he is a long-time volunteer at the “Nation’s Greatest 4th of July Rodeo!”
What a SPECTACULAR EVENT!!  And so close to US!  Thanks for the UPDATE!
As always-inspirational “short-timer” Club President Om closed out the meeting….we are reminded to live by Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think say or do…
First – Is it the TRUTH?
Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
With those guidelines in mind…go out and…
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Kaufman
Newsletter Editor