Newberg Noon Rotary Club newsletter for July 31, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club newsletter for July 31, 2019

After being officially greeted by Paula Radich, Rotarians were treated by Friendsview to yet another tasty luncheon surprise….and today’s was an oriental delight!  Complete with “Fortune Cookies”! *   One Rotarian was overheard asking how he could prepare such delicious noodles….

President Corey opened the meeting having Gene Piro lead us in the Pledge.

No guests today…a rarity!

“Rotary Moment” by Julie Want….as she and hubby Walter were feted in the Old Fashioned Festival’s Saturday Parade as Newberg’s “Rotarians of the Year”…. reminiscing about her “old car” experiences as they were treated to a ride in a pristine ’55 Chevy Convertible.  Julie shows off her “queenly” wave to the “adoring crowds”!

  Lisa Salmons presented Club “trading” banners per memorabilia from Joe Schneider’s daughter.

For the first part of today’s program, Jeff Lane gave us a preliminary run-down on the 49th [!] Annual Pancake Breakfast results…With a preliminary tally of 1915 adults and 370 kids….and a $10,146 GROSS…….and many favorable comments…including..” one we’ve ever been to!…”

…with the following photos giving but a brief glimpse at the FUN we were all having!

….Early Bird Rotarian Jan Bleck and Jeff Lane….

…Leona Todd…another Early Bird Rotarian having much FUN pouring pancake batter onto a hot/greased griddle!

….Lisa Salmons and Anne Dolan, with HUGE SMILES…handing out fresh plates to hungry “breakfasters”….

Lisa Salmons and Tom Lynott having FUN raking in the cash!

….Prez Corey, with Auggie and Maureen….dishing up super-tasty sausages!  The BIG SMILES tell it all!

……and Prez Corey Z. thanking table sponsors!

…with Yours Truly NOT setting the place on fire this year!  BTW…the shirt reads:  “ARE WE HAVING FUN.…YET?”

DUCK: Geoff Gilmore elicited $119 today…with comments [without total elaboration] from several Rotarians…Laura T. re Global Grants; Lisa S. re Rotary memorabilia from George Schneider’s daughter; Auggie’s notification of the next Dental Trip south of the border during the first week of March 2020; Denise B. “glad to be back!”; Curt W. re Pancake Breakfast $$$ to be turned in; and a few un-recorded comments from Dr. Stan, Ray, Leah and Mike C.

THEN….wrapping up the program, recently-retired-and-soon-to-be-Seaside-Rotarian Leah G. gave us a “Pep Talk” on the Club’s major fundraiser …the Annual Auction.  She provided take-home copies to everyone of very comprehensive flow charts, time lines, and responsibility lists, the fulfillment of which are required to make the Auction truly successful.  The cost savings of changing to the Cultural Center were brought up.  And a theme needs to be determined.  Although a date has been scheduled in May, 2020…Saturday night before Mother’s Day…”Is that a real conflict…or can we capitalize on THAT?”…so there was considerable discussion as to the possibility of changing it to another time of year…such as in the Fall….a decision not to be resolved today….and as Leah said…YOU are how this event is so successful….and…beyond the camaraderie and fellowship of the activity… the reasons we do this lie in the many/various philanthropies the generated funds support….locally, regionally, and internationally!

Leah’s amazing leadership will be missed…but…as true Rotarians…we must rise-to-the-occasion and find a successor….and make the 2020 Auction bigger and better than ever before!  And do it keeping in mind Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think say or do…..

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to al concerned?

AND…Does it satisfy the 2019 – 2020 RI President’s theme of: 

President Corey closed the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

REMINDER:  Our 8/7/19 meeting will be back at the Cultural Center….with program details to be found on the Club’s website…a REALLY GREAT RESOURCE!

*And just a few of the “fortunes” associated with today’s Chinese menu lunch:  “You have a strong desire to maintain peace”…”You will run into an old friend soon.”…”You will soon be awarded in public.”…”Humor usually works at the moment of awkwardness.”…”Friends are more valuable than money.” [SO….how many fit YOUR life’s situation today?]