Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for July 24, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for July 24, 2019

Greeter today: Judy Robinson

At Friendsview, new Club President, Corey Zeilsdorf opened the meeting….having new Rotarian Michael Sipes lead us in the Pledge.

  Corey shared the success of the Newberg Rotary Clubs sponsorship at Tunes on Tuesday. “Guess the weight of the pancakes” and the raffle basket attracted a lot of interest to the booth. In case you missed it, the pancake breakfast ticket winner’s photo is posted on the NNR Facebook page along with other photos from the evening. We made several great Rotary connections at the event. This was a great cooperative team effort between the Early Bird and Noon Club.  Corey “walks the room”….lets us know that BIRTHDAYS will now be recognized monthly with not only a table for “birthday-ers”, but a celebratory cake as well!  

  and this is it for JULY!  And it was YUMMY!

Guests: Michelle Colvin [Lisa Salmons’ guest], Jordan Morgan*, Alyssa Johnson*, Morgan Lemen*…and their two chaperones…whose names are?

Anna Hinkle-Buckmaster [Shannon’s daughter and exchange student TO Spain]

….and accompanied by

….Elena Company [Exchange student FROM Spain].

Rotary Moment:  Walter Want related how important “acquaintance” with fellow Rotarians truly is.  Walter shared about his recent connection with his neighbor who is an Early Bird Rotarian. Reminding all of us that Rotary membership is a great way to expand your friends and network.

…truly a sitting DUCK: Mike Caruso….collected $92.32 toward Polio Eradication!  Yours Truly bragged/paid for the privilege!…on the SUCCESS of the 47th annual Forest Grove Rotary Concours d’Elegance on the 21st! One of the top collector car shows in the world!

  Flashy socks worth a few bucks to the DUCK!  Did you actually wear THOSE to work?!

Announcements;  Mostly about Old Fashioned Days Rotary Pancake Breakfast.  Jeff Lane says more volunteers needed…mostly for Sunday shifts.  Curt Walker says he still has tickets and to SELL…SELL…SELL!  Pre-event Sales proceeds go directly into our club’s coffers!

*Jordan, *Alyssa and *Morgan are the “court” for the Old Fashioned Festival this week-end. Thanks for joining us!

Today’s program presented by Past District [5100] Governor Renee Campbell telling us all about a new Rotary project in Salem: The riverside Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater.

  Program: 100 Years of Rotary in the Mid-Willamette Valley  Update on Gerry Frank Salem Rotary Amphitheater Centennial Project  Wonderful presentation by Renee Campbell about the plans and status of the Gerry Frank Salem Rotary Amphitheater Centennial Project. To date they have raised $2.6 million (including the City of Salem’s contribution) and now have a workable plan to raise the remaining $1.4 million. Having already contributed two Riverfront Park landmarks – the Rotary Pavilion and the Rotary Children’s Playground – the new amphitheater will become an iconic landmark identifying the region and Riverfront Park as a premier spot in Oregon for fun and entertainment. Details can be found on several Internet websites. The Rotary Club of Salem and the City of Salem, after working in close collaboration for over 18 months to develop a structure on the site of the existing Riverfront Park Amphitheater, have agreed that a better location for the Gerry Frank | Rotary Amphitheater is in the currently undeveloped 3.8-acre park property at the southeast end of Riverfront Park.  The Rotary Club of Salem has chosen Dalke Construction of Salem as the general contractor for the Gerry Frank | Salem Rotary Amphitheater. Construction of the new Riverfront Park amphitheater is envisioned to begin in the first half of next year with completion later in 2020.  This renovation project sought to revive and energize the area while respecting the historic downtown context. This 32,000 SF interior and exterior renovation involved the installation of a three-story concrete shear wall, new elevator, and a complete facade replacement. The “basket weave” concept, developed by CB|Two Architects, started with an historical approach, specifically the Kalapuya Native American tribe. The structure takes its form from the open weave baskets of the Kalapuya, whose history and connection to the Riverfront are an integral part of the land and culture that is Salem’s Riverfront Park. This reference to the past adds to the expressive design and significance of the place; it celebrates the future of our community while honoring our past.  This sweeping wood structure creates an iconic design for the Willamette Riverfront, complementing the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge and modern day activities of the area.


For sure, this will become a “destination” site…not just a local facility.

Thanks PDG Renee for sharing this great ROTARY project with us!

Yet another example of how “Rotary Connects the World”!

All done under the guidelines of Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think say or do…

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth -Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Respectfully submitted

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

…and with a touch of visual “down home” humor….

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