June 5, 2017 Newsletter

Robotic Students Presentation 053117[2]

Members of the NHS Robotics Team.

Members of two of the four Newberg High School Robotics Teams–“Beta Pi” and “Bulletproof”– joined us last week to “show and tell” about the creations that took them to the state championship this year. What fun to see how their robots were designed and ultimately functioned to meet this year’s contest criteria…. to shoot whiffle balls into hoops and to lift a “yoga ball” onto a center stand.

Robotics Team 053117

Senior Drew Thrasher demonstrates one robot’s capabilities.

In the process, students learned not only design and programming skills, but how to build –and even operate lathes and mills. In the design phase, they developed their own ideas, learned the CAD system and made a 3D model on the computer. And when it comes to building, “we don’t just buy a kit and assemble it,” said senior Drew Thrasher. “We actually machine it.”

All of the robots operate through Android phones, so the kids learnt work with that operating system as well. Total cost for the electronics was quoted as $3000.

Each team focused on a different goal. One team showed how their robot could sweep up the balls. The other focused on how the robot could touch a beacon to detect a color on the center hoops.

Some of the team members got an early start in robotics, through Ewing Young Elementary School’s Lego Robotics program. At the other end, college prospects look good for the seniors on the team. For example, one is going to Gonzaga in Spokane to study computer engineering. Another received an internship at Boeing because of the experience in computer and mechanical engineering he received in the NHS program.

The group thanked the Rotary Foundation for its financial support, which was used to purchase electronics and tournament entry fees.


Grant Gerke and Dr. Eric Bergquam present Rotadent check to NRF President Spike Sumner 053117

Grant Gerke, left, and Dr. Eric Bergquam present a check to Newberg Rotary Foundation president, Spike Sumner.

On behalf of the Rotadent board (made up of 3 members from the Noon club and 3 from the Morning club, plus a liaison from Adec and a liaison from the Austin family), Dr. Eric Bergquam and Grant Gerke presented a check for $100,000 from the proceeds of sales to Newberg Rotary Foundation president Spike Sumner. A similar check will go the morning club. According to President Leah Griffith, our clubs are so fortunate to have this source of funds, which this year allowed our club to award $52,000 in local scholarships and do lots of other good things in the community.




Mike presents PHF to patient Becky Ankeny 5 years late 053117

Mike Caruso made a Paul Harris presentation last week that he said was very special: five-year member Becky Ankeny was FINALLY getting her Paul Harris pin and certificate. Congratulations and thank you for your patience, Becky!




Did you know there is now a club within our club–a “clublet,” so to speak–called “Eat Dessert Before Lunch” ?Unknown Paula Radich, Grant Gerke, Guest Shannon Buckmaster, Julie Want, and Terry Weldon were seen gathered together eating lemon cake as we arrived for the regular meeting. Not sure exactly what motivated this. Because life is short? Because they missed out on some desserts awhile back? Because they just like to socialize over sweets? Whatever the reason, if you would like to join in, just show up a little early, grab a dessert and look for the table of smiling Rotarians!


A big “thank you” and acknowledgement to the Rotarians who participated in the Memorial Park Beautification project on Thursday, May 27:

Becky Ankey

Denise Bacon

Deborah Cathers-Seymour

Auggie Gonzales

Leah Griffith

Paul Jellum

Aaron Lewis

Jim McMaster

Paula Radich

Judy Robinson

Julie Want

Corey Zielsdorf

Plus 8 to 10 members of the Newberg High School Interact Club. Denise and Judy are Rotarian mentors for the Interact Club.


Shannon Buckmaster was introduced by Grant Gerke. Shannon’s application for membership in the club is in process.

Leona Todd‘s mom, Kate Phillips, was visiting from San Diego and joined us for lunch.

Geoff Gilmore introduced GFU student Dominique Thibault, who will be our club’s summer marketing intern. Dominique participated in George Fox’s Juniors Abroad program, and visited Jordan, Israel, Spain and France. A group of club members met with Dominique after the meeting to discuss ideas for increasing awareness of Rotary in the community.



Paula sent out email sign up lists for the June 22 Installation Dinner and the July 28-30 Pancake Breakfast weekend. Please be sure to get your name on those! And don’t forget to talk to Om Sukheenai if you have an entertainment talent you’d like to share at the Installation Dinner. Spike Sumner is leading the effort to find pancake breakfast sponsors. Interested? Please talk to Spike.

Lynn Montoya Quinn told us about a couple of upcoming events scheduled in PCC Newberg Center’s Learning Garden. Learn all about natural cob building with clay, sand and straw at a workshop on Saturday, June 10 from 9am to 1pm. Or, join a planting party on Wednesday, June 14th from 3 to 6 m. Learn how to sow a vegetable garden and take home some seeds. 135 Werth Blvd. For more info, contact Moonrose Doherty at 971-722-8610.

The Peace Committee will meet this Wednesday at 11am before the regular lunch meeting. Come hear about interviews conducted last Saturday of potential candidates to be sponsored by District 5100 for Rotary Peace Fellowships, about plans for a peace pole map and brochure, and about plans for the Peace Conference June 9 and 10 at the Rotary International convention in Atlanta.


Corey Zielsdorf’s daughter was inducted into the National Honor Society. Congratulations!

The new Habitat for Humanity Restore store at 801 North Meridian St. is now open Friday and Saturdays. A grand opening will be held June 17 at 11 am.

Mike Caruso’s son’s musical, “Dundee,” was one of three nominations for Chicago’s “Best Musical” award. The other two were both by Lin-Maneul Miranda, creator of the smash hit, “Hamilton.” Very prestigious company to be in!