June 26, 2017 Newsletter



A Memorable Week: Special Meeting Guest; Special Installation Banquet


“I do nothing and I do everything.”

Binshu present on Rotary Projects in Kathmandu 062117 (2)

Bishnu discusses Rotary projects in Nepal.

Our very special guest last week, Bishnu Subedi, a Rotarian from Nepal, was talking about his role in the global grant projects he accomplishes with various Rotary clubs around the world– including ours–to help make his country a better place. His Kathmandu club’s relationship with ours came about through International Director Laura Tilrico, who has known Bishnu since her earliest days in Rotary. They have accomplished a number of important projects together, including two with our club–a dental clinic and a drinking water storage/supply project.

“Right before 2000, the Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati donated some emergency supplies to my club. I posted them online and Bishnu responded,” said Laura about their first meeting some 17 years ago.

Exchange of Club Flags 062117 (2)

Bishnu, Mike Caruso and President Leah Griffith conducted a flag exchange between our club and Kathmandu’s.

According to Bishnu, Nepal is known for its beauty, and is rich in culture and nature. “Everyone knows Nepal for Mt. Everest, but not everyone knows that Kathmandu is known as the ‘City of Temples,”’ he said.

The Kathmandu Rotary Club was started in 1958 and was the first Rotary Club in Nepal. Bishnu brought a club flag to exchange with ours as part of his program.

Bishnu thanked Laura and our club, and described some projects in his club’s pipeline, including a rainwater harvesting project, a women’s empowerment project, establishment of an e-medical clinic for people with no access to a medical facility or doctors, providing solar energy for a dialysis center located in an area without a stable electrical supply, and establishing a technical training center for youth. Looks like there will be opportunity to continue to work with this special Rotarian who really does everything!


Mike Caruso presents Binshu with his 7th PHF pin 062117 (2)

Mike Caruso and Laura Tilrico present Bishnu with his Level 7 Paul Harris award pin.

Special arrangements were made to secure Bishnu’s Level 7 (meaning he has contributed more than $8,000 to the Rotary Foundation) Paul Harris award pin ahead of time, so that it could be presented to him during his visit to Newberg. Congratulations, Bishnu!






Bishnu was accompanied by his wife, Pramila. Laura Tilrico’s sister-in-law, Marni Tilrico, also joined us. Dr. Eric Bergquam brought his assistant, Anina Chism, who accompanied him on the recent dental mission to Nepal.


WThanks Leah for a Great Year 062217here to start to describe the memorable evening last Thursday? At the great venue and wine at Methven Family Vineyards? At the pre-dinner game provided by Tony Lelack? At the delicious dinner? At the guitar entertainment by incoming President Todd Engle? At the fabulous singing voice of Maureen Gonzales? At saying “thank you” to President Leah and the great year of leadership she provided? At the installation and speech of new President Todd? At honoring the old and new boards and those with perfect attendance? At the induction of new member Rachel Huber? At the fun closing sing-along led by Dr. Stan Kern? At the fabulous work of Om Sukheenai in leading the arrangements for the evening? Whew! There was all this and so much more. So we’ll let some of Auggie‘s great photos start to tell the story…..and have more next week, too! (We have tons of photos to go through!)



Leah acknowledges her Club Board 062217

President Leah acknowledges her board.

Todd's Club Board 062217

Incoming President Todd Engle and his board.

Perfect Attendees 062217

“Perfect Attendance” award winners.















You should have received your tickets, but if not, please see Curt Walker. Your packet will have 8 adult tickets at $7 each and 4 children’s tickets at $4 each, for a total of $72. Yours to sell, to gift, or…….and while you’re at it, please be sure you have signed up to help out at this important event.


Congratulations to LeRoy Benham and his wife on 59 years of marriage!

And congrats also to Geoff Gilmore, whose son is in Japan, but is getting ready to finish up at the University of British Columbia.

It was great to see Don Skei at our meeting last week. So glad he and Dawn McClard could join us.

We are all waiting to hear when Denise Bacon‘s baby granddaughter will actually arrive. She’s taking her time…

If you haven’t already, please respond to the survey the Program Committee sent you via email. Your ideas and input are needed on the kind of programs you would like to see in the 2017-2018 year. Thanks in advance.

Early warning! Our July 5 meeting will be at Friendsview.