Feb. 5, 2018 Newsletter

If you like variety, last week’s program had it in spades. We learned about “Prepare Out Loud,” an upcoming training session on earthquake preparedness. Long-time member and Past President Jeff Lane revisited his original Classification Talk, and shared lessons learned running a family business. And Past President Leah Griffith updated us on auction plans. (April 28, April 28, April 28, April 28…….)

Karen Saunders describes an upcoming Earthquake Preparedness seminar.

“Imagine there’s been a big earthquake. There’s no running water. No phone service. No electricity. Your family might be miles and miles away. Do you have a plan? What would you do?” That scenario was posed by Karen Saunders, a local community advocate who is passionate about Newberg’s earthquake preparedness. She invited us to attend an upcoming American Red Cross seminar on Monday, April 9 from 6 to 7:30pm at Newberg Christian Church to learn steps we can take to be ready for the “Big One.”

“Disasters affect us emotionally, physically and financially,” she said. “It’s something we must think about.”

The goal is to fill the church with community members. You’ll learn about preparing your home, family, business, and community. There will also be a “Fair,” with different vendors such as FEMA and Yamhill County Energy Management, offering information and services. Karen also hopes to raise $10,000 for the American Red Cross.

Karen had two requests for us:

1. Spread the word about the event

2. Encourage others to attend

Past President Jeff Lane joked about “outlaw” inlaws.

Jeff Lane shared some history on his company, Newberg Steel. It was originally a battery business, founded by his father-in-law. In 1960, he got into the steel business by buying a load of surplus steel. “Many people in the community tried to talk him out of it,” Jeff said. “When you have a dream or vision, be careful who you share it with. But you need to go for it.”

Business had fallen off when his father-in-law had a heart attack. Jeff stepped up. “I got involved, and started cleaning the place up,” he said. “It came down to opportunity.” In 1998, he purchased the business from his in-laws, “who can sometimes be your outlaws,” he joked. He said it’s important to develop a business plan and then implement that plan.

A new line of business turned out to be fabrication work. Jeff pointed out the beams in the Chehalem Cultural Center, which Newberg Steel produced. “I will confess that I don’t know how to weld,” he laughed. “But you don’t have to know how– you just hire good people to do that!”

The situation also made him realize a need for a succession plan. The Austin Family Business program at Oregon State was a big help in developing one, and now Jeff’s daughter is poised to take over the business from him. But not before she makes him a grandpa again very soon. The 4th generation owner of Newberg Steel may be on the way!

Past President Leah Griffith discusses the upcoming auction.

Our annual auction, this year called Wine Food Fun Experience Yamhill County, allows us to do great things in the community. Past President Leah reminded us of some of them:

  • Send kids to college
  • Send dental teams to Guatemala
  • Support the annual holiday tree lighting
  • Support the Resource Room at Mountain View Middle School

She asked for volunteers to sell pins, Golden Tickets and program ads. Golden Tickets sell for $100 apiece. Only 100 are sold and the winner gets to pick one of the oral auction items before anyone else. A full page ad in the program will be only $350. Please volunteer or buy or both!

Al Herriges gave us an example of how easy it can be to get auction items donated. He mentioned how he struck up a conversation with a representative of Precision Helicopters, who promptly offered a wine country tour. It can be that simple.

A detailed packet of information was handed out, so please be sure you have one. And please make sure your calendar is marked for April 28.

Karen Saunders, hosted by Om Sukheenai
Patrick Bancke, a realtor, visited us again. He has applied for membership in our club
Rosa Olivares, with the City of Newberg, was the guest of Dan Keuler

REMINDER: We’re meeting at Friendsview this week.