Pancake Breakfast

Since 1966 Newberg has enjoyed the Rotary Pancake Breakfast at the Old Fashioned Festival. Eggs, sausage, OJ, coffee and all you can eat pancakes, including blueberry pancakes, are served up at Memorial Park.


Our Chairs: Janet Bleck, Early Birds and Jeff Lane, Noon.

Saturday the pancakes start flying at 6 am and last call is at noon. On Sunday we start a bit later at 7 am, and the last pancake comes off the grill at noon.

Today, it is the main joint project for both Newberg Rotary Clubs, Noon and Early Birds.


Judy Robinson preps the juice


Krissy Lookabill, ready to flip those blueberry pancakes


Karl Hughes flipping the plain pancakes


Selling lots of tickets, Laura Tilrico


Kathy George and Queen Emily serve the hungry crowd.


Thanks Karl Hughes for doing our 50th anniversary signs when we realized it was the 50th breakfast just 3 days before the 2016 breakfast!


Curt Walker cleaning up with some Early Birds.


Packing up for next year.


Mike Boock and Grant Austin get ready to haul everything to storage.


International Rotary of Pancakes: Ray Hillman (UK) Noon Club, Terry Emery (Canada) Early Birds.

Rob making pancake batter

Rob Dailey mixing up the batter with power tools.

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The breakfast is formally known as the Joe Schneider Memorial Pancake Breakfast in honor of Newberg Rotary President, 1966-67. Joe was a pancake booster and for years Joe provided all the eggs for the breakfast as a donation. After his passing, his family continued that tradition for many years.