April 16, 2018 Newsletter

Grant Austin helped organize last week’s event. Thank you, Grant!

Laura Tilrico (and her husband) attended.

Instead of our regular weekly luncheon program with a speaker, we enjoyed “Happy Hour” at the Barley and Vine Tavern last week. Special kudos to Grant Austin and Om Sukheenai for organizing a fun, change-of-pace social event. Following are some photos from the evening provided by Auggie Gonzales.

Quite a spread of delicious appetizers!

Jan Winder, left, Walter Want and incoming club president Om Sukheenai enjoying the evening.

Corey Zielsdorf took a seat on the Tavern’s couch.






Mike Caruso, Beth Pent and Jim McMaster relaxing over a glass of wine.





Ken Winder, left, chatted with Spike Sumner.









Donations are coming in for the April 28 auction, and are still welcome.  Have you signed up to help with setup on the 28th? No? Well, here is the link:

Just a few hours of your time needed!

Rick Kaufman discusses the Edo box he made and is donating to the auction.

Time is almost up– be sure you have your tickets, your Golden Tickets and you have made your donations! Rick Kaufman has donated a very special item that he crafted by hand: An Asian-themed Edo “secrets” box.  Rick gave an overview of the box at our meeting two weeks ago. You simply must take a look at this to appreciate the care and design Rick put into an item you won’t find anywhere else.