Club History – 2000s

Auggie Gonzales (2000-2001)

Auggie Gonzales Jr.Auggie Gonzales set many goals for his year as president and was able to accomplish them all. He even received a Presidential Citation from Rotary International for being able to do so. Some of these goals included having fun and making sure all members were engaged.
One of the biggest accomplishments of Auggie’s presidency was the celebration of the club’s 65th anniversary. Invitations were extended to all the past presidents who were living at the time, making this a first of its kind celebration and quite a success.

Auggie was also quite involved with starting the Guatemala project. He, Leroy Benham, and other Rotarians explored other international projects including a possible project in Mexico but finally decided to work with Guatemala. The plan was to help the same villages for at least five years. The project became such a success the relationships with the villages of El Hato and Vuelta Grande have lasted for 15 years and will continue for many more.

Bob Tardiff (2001-2002)

Bob TardiffThe club was busy with international work this year. Scholarships and other various monetary donations were given to Guatemala, Brazil, and other countires. The club also provided about 90 portable dental units which were distributed throughout the world.

Bob Tardiff served as Newberg’s Police Chief.

Teresa SmithTeresa Smith (2002-2003)

During Teresa’s year as president the Rotaract Club, which met at George Fox University received its charter on November 20th.

Larry Bohnsack (2003-2004)

Larry BohnsackLarry Bohnsack owned and operated Yamhill counties only radio station. In January of 2004 Newberg Rotary began a project in Guatemala which continued for many years. Some members of the club traveled to El Hato, Guatemala. The purpose of the trip was to have dental clinic. Most of the dental work performed was extractions. At this time there was no electricity in El Hato. A dental unit was donated to a dentist in San Jose who planned to use the unit for dental care in a federal prison. The club also matched grants for a medical and dental clinic in Friajanes, Guatemala and for a therapudic pool in Brazil.

Jim Hirte (2004-2005)

Jim HirteJim Hirte became a member of Rotary after he was asked to speak to the club about his profession, construction. After attending a meeting he realized that he liked the organization and what it was about.
After joining Rotary, Jim became an influential member of the club. He was very influential in starting the dental project in Guatemala. The first trip took place in the year before his presidency but in 2005 the club returned to El Hato in February. By this time the community had electricity and Rotary was able to hold a medical clinic.
While president, Jim enjoyed traveling to Chicago for the Rotary International Conference. While there, he was able to meet people from all over the world since representatives were sent from nearly every country.

Mike Caruso (2005-2006)

Mike CarusoAfter becoming a member around 2001 when his daughter invited him to a lunch meeting, Mike Caruso became quite involved in Rotary. He served as president from 2005 to 2006 and afterwards took on the roles of assistant governor, administrative assistant governor, and eventually served as District Governor in 2011.

In addition to continuing projects such as the pancake feed, auction, and Guatemala project, the club began the dictionary program while Mike was president. This program donates a dictionary to every third grader in the Newberg, St. Paul, and Dundee areas.

After his time as president, Mike was involved with the Four Way Test Program. This was a contest for which seventh and eighth graders write essays, give speeches, or make videos about what the Four Way Test means.

Jan Winder (2006-2007)

Jan WinderJan Winder began her Rotary year by attending the International Convention in Copenhagen. She enjoyed this trip along with the training for incoming presidents. These experiences allowed her to become involved with the larger Rotary community that extends beyond Newberg.
Throughout her time with the club, Jan has been involved with annual events such as the auction and the Guatemala project as well as local service projects including the Hess Creek cleanup and the building of various parks. Jan has enjoyed the international aspect of Rotary and has been able to watch the club grow. She has said that the club feels more youthful now and that more people are able to understand how huge the organization is and what it does.

John Kerekanich (2007-2008)

John KerekanichWhen John Kerekanich became president, his goal was to narrow the focus of the club. While Newberg Rotary had been involved with many projects, he wanted to make sure that the club wasn’t taking on too much and that projects were being completed to the best of the Club’s ability. John’s three main areas of focus for the year were membership, fundraising, and the Hess Creek reclamation project.
The goal for membership was to grow the club to 75 members. This goal was achieved for the year.
For the fundraising goal John’s main focus was the auction. The Newberg Rotary Club began giving money raised at a paddle raise at the auction to a local charity known as Thugz off Drugz. This organization helps convicted drug felons after their release from jail. This program is now known as Helping Hands but works for the same purpose and is funded in large part by the money raised at the annual auction.
John’s third goal was the Hess Creek Reclamation project. Jim Hirte had committed the club to help with this but it was under John’s presidency that the project was completed. This project brought Rotarians to Hess Creek where they helped clear away unwanted foliage. The effects of the Club’s efforts in this area have been long lasting and appreciated.

Kathi Futornick (2008-2009)

PHF Kathi FutornickIn 2008 the Newberg Rotary club partnered with the Early Birds to purchase playground equipment for Herbert Hoover Park. Newberg also gained a sister-club in South Korea. In January of 2009, members of the Korean Club came and visited Newberg.

Nicole McIntyre (2009-2010)

Nicole McIntyreDuring Nicole’s time as president, the club not only hosted a group from Norway but also traveled to meet their sister-club in South Korea. A Rota-Dent unit was given to the South Korean Club as a gift. The club decided to take a break from the youth exchange program this year.
Much of the Club’s focus this year was dedicated to helping the Thugz off Drugz program and working with the morning club. The Noon Club wanted to cooperate with the Early Birds so that Rotary would have a bigger impact on the community. They focused on working together on large continuing projects such as the pancake breakfast, the dictionary program, and the Guatemala project, as well as on smaller projects within the community.