Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for July 1, 2020

Rotary Club of Newberg Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

~ Call to Order ~

President Shannon Buckmaster welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Zoom meeting at 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

~ Rotarians and Friends of Rotary ~

Zoom meeting participants: Mike, Paula, Laura, Shannon B., Lynn, Dan, Julie, Walter, Joe, Gene, Paul, Michelle, Tony, Lisa, Auggie, Judy, Kathie, Ann, Sean, Corey, Shannon K., Curt, Ralph, Todd, and Judy.

~ Guests ~

Leslie Caldwell, Executive Director, Taste Newberg

Larry Strober, Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise

~ Flag Salute ~

Shannon lead participants in the flag salute.

~ Welcome Incoming Officers and Directors! ~

Shannon officially welcomed 2020-2021 Directors and Officers:

Corey Zielsdorf, Immediate Past President

Tony Lelack, President-Elect

Joe Morelock, Vice-President

Shannon Knight, Secretary

Michelle Colvin, Treasurer

Paul Jellum and Kathie Byers, Community Service Co-Directors

Laura Tilrico, International Director

Lisa Salmons, Public Relations Director

Jim McMaster, Vocational Services Director

Brandy Penner, Youth Services Director

Mike Caruso and Dan Keuler, The Rotary Foundation Co-Directors

Kim Abraham, Membership Director

~ Rotary Moments ~

Laura: Our club is working on two Global Grants: (1) Prevention of Violence Against Women—Nepal and, (2) EMS Emergency Dispatch Center and Response—Nepal.

Joe: recognized yesterday as a Rotary moment for everyone participating in the Installation Celebration. Joe thanked Corey for his success as 2019-2020 Rotary Club President and welcomed incoming Rotary President, Shannon.

Judy: We have unbelievable members serving on our Scholarship Committee!” Judy was inspired by: Lynn’s excellent coordination of the scholarship program; the quality of applicants; the maturity of students responding to interview questions and the number of Interact students competing for scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be announced within a few days.

~ Congratulations! ~

Congratulations to Walter and Julie Want who celebrate 54 years of marriage July 2nd. Julie was recognized for 30 years as a Rotarian during this year’s Installation Celebration. Walter will celebrate 20 years as a Rotarian January 2021. In recognition of their anniversary, Walter and Julie will make a contribution to Rotary.

~ Program – Taste Newberg/Leslie Caldwell/Executive Director ~

~ Leslie’s Background ~

Leslie started out in tourism management in California then moved on to world-wide tourism for Hyatt Hotels and boutique style hotels. She’s worked in Chicago, Orlando, Colorado Springs and promoted resort properties in Seaside and Bend. Her last position in Portland was marketing the Benson Hotel. After living in Yamhill County and commuting to downtown Portland for seven years, Leslie decided to focus on tourism in Yamhill County.

~ Transient Lodging Tax ~

When guests stay in lodging, guests are assessed 9% for the Transient Lodging Tax. The tax is used as follows:

  • Advertising, publicizing or distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists.

  • Conducting strategic planning and research necessary to stimulate future development.

  • Operating tourism promotion agencies, and

  • Marketing special events and festivals designed to attract tourists.

Revenue from the tax is distributed to: General Services, Tourism Promotion, Events, and the Chambers of Commerce

Tourism is one of three largest industries in Newberg. Tourism includes hotels, tasting rooms, etc. During a “normal” year $120 million in direct travel is spent in Yamhill County.

~ What is Taste Newberg? ~

Taste Newberg is a nonprofit destination marketing organization chartered by the Newberg City Council in 2018 and formerly called Visit Newberg.

Taste Newberg partnered with Travel Oregon sharing a database of area attractions, businesses and events. People who wish can learn about Newberg from their phone, tablet or laptop. They can explore what they want, select favorites and share them with friends.

The name of the organization morphed from Visit Newberg to Taste Newberg. Leslie and her Board challenged the brand team with the task of elevating their naming protocols–based on the visitor experience most often occurring in Newberg, and what visitor attractions bring people to the area.

In addition to the Travel Oregon database, the website features blog articles, an event planning guide and highlights what makes Newberg unique, such as the Old Fashioned Festival and numerous events at the area’s wineries, Champoeg State Heritage Area and George Fox University.

Taste Newberg measures success by examining: (1) transient lodging traffic, (2) website traffic, (3) digital marketing analytics and media, public relations, and, (4) articles sent to travel writers about our area.

 ~ Operating During COVID ~

The organization wasn’t thwarted in launching the website amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

  • They spent their first year building out infrastructure—launched the website on March 24, 2020.
  • With guidance from Governor’s office, they are careful not to push “in person” visitor stays.
  • Taste Newberg supports the local business community by emphasizing and promoting how visitors can be safe and which business are open.

Taste Newberg is focused on a responsible reopening program. There is a valley-wide safety commitment to adhere to guidelines of unity, responsibility and safety. Taste Newberg promotes country drives, take-out food, and how to handle responsible distancing at the Newberg Wednesday Market.

~ Thanks, Leslie! ~

~ New Club President Shannon’s first meeting adjourned! ~

~  Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman Newsletter Editor ~


Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 30, 2020

Zoom meeting thanks to Mike Caruso!




~ Special Guests: Gary Stewart & Jo Crenshaw ~

~ GEOFF GILMORE: Rotarian of the Year!  In so many ways & places! ~

~ “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” recognition: Judy Robinson & Will Worthey! ~

~ Outgoing 2019-2020 Club Officers…Thanks for your service! ~

~ 100% Attendance!  Need some help with that? ~

[Try “make-ups” at other clubs…it’s EASY & FUN!]

Rotary Club of Newberg Installation Celebration,

Pres. Corey Zielsdorf Reflection, June 30, 2020

To my fellow Rotarian friends, as this Rotary year comes to a different type of close, reflect on what you have learned this year about service in the name of Rotary. How will you serve your community in these times? For those with a servant’s heart, these can be frustrating times, but look for ways to reinvent service to others…be creative. As your outgoing rotary club president, I will admit…my year feels somewhat incomplete and I know it feels that way for a lot of us…we are all in this together.  Instead of dwelling on what you cannot change, be the change if possible…sign up for senior meals, check in on your elderly neighbor or run errands for the medically fragile. Express gratitude and compassion for those on the front lines of the fight against the diseases of the body and mind and practice using the 4-way test in your daily life: 

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

I am proud to be a Rotarian! It’s been an honor to serve as your President of our Noon Rotary Club of Newberg.I will continue to serve my community in the name of Rotary with my fellow Rotarians for the foreseeable future. A special “Thank you!” to District Governor Diane Noriega and Assistant Governor Gary Stewart for your service to our District and support of our club as it continues to grow and change. In closing I ask you to remember there are people in need throughout our community and throughout the world whose only hope will come from Rotary. Be that hope that connects people and creates community. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president and I look forward to continuing to serve our community and the world through Rotary.


~ That’s a LOT of years of Rotary Service…for only nine [9] Rotarians! ~

~ Shannon Knight…Not only “Rookie of the Year”, ~

but also the new Club Secretary!

~ Dan provided his assessment of Rotary service…excellent! ~

~ And Incoming Club President, Shannon Buckmaster’s comments ~

Rotary Opens Opportunities.  The challenges we’ve recently faced have opened up perfect opportunities for improvement.  Because of the values we hold and because of the best parts of our club’s history, culture, and community influence, Rotary has opened up new opportunities for us -the Rotary Club of Newberg -Noon Club -to innovate, lead by example despite challenging circumstances, listen to our fellow humans when they share their grief and needs, shift conversations to defend hope, and work past empty words to create real change with practical solutions that answer the needs of our local and global communities.  I’ve made jokes lately about what I’ve gotten myself into, agreeing to serve as president amid uncertainty, chaos, and lost traditions, notwithstanding my personal commitments to my family and career.  Joking aside, I accept the privilege to guide our club for this season.  Rotary opens this opportunity for me to learn how to better steward our club and community’s resources (whether financial, time, or human resources).  Rotary opens this opportunity for me to work with a fantastic team to find solutions to persistent and new challenges that our club faces.  Rotary opens this opportunity for me to continue evolving my personal and professional experiences, to refine my skills, and to use my talents in new capacities.  During this uncertain year, I’ll protect my internal optimism in order to keep finding the open opportunities through Rotary.   I have requests of you to help me serve you well as your 2020-2021 Club President:  Will you also look for the open opportunity in the challenge?  Will you commit to the positive evolution of our club as we make necessary adaptations?  Will you publicly and privately shift conversations to assume the best intentions, include different opinions, and consider new approaches?  Will you help us create a club that brings you joy and attracts the additional leaders we need in order to continue our influence and effectiveness?  Will you consider a new project or volunteer opportunity, so that we can continue our best practices and build new traditions?  I know I have your support and your commitments to finding the next opportunities for our club and for yourself personally. Rotary attracts the best team players.  Thank you.  Let’s move past surviving this year and embrace the open opportunity to create an even more special Rotary Club of Newberg this year.


Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor


Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 24, 2020

Rotary Club of Newberg Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

~ Call to Order ~

President Corey Zielsdorf welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Zoom meeting at 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

~ Rotarians and Friends of Rotary ~

Zoom meeting participants: Mike, Paula, Laura, Shannon B., Todd, Judy, Corey, Michelle, Dale, Stan, Kathie, Paul, Ralph, Karen, Auggie, Joe, Lisa, Lynn, Tony, Shannon K., Om, Brandy, Denise, Walter and Aaron.

~ Flag Salute ~

Corey lead participants in the flag salute.

~ Rotary Guests ~

Larry Strober, Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise, Assistant Governor

Gary Stewart, Rotary Club of Newberg Early Birds, Assistant Governor

~ Rotary Moment ~

Corey shared a YouTube video of Rotary clubs in districts across Italy working together to procure state-of-the-art equipment needed to combat the coronavirus disease for 26 hospitals around the country.

The pandemic has devastated Italy, with more than 32,000 deaths and nearly 226,000 confirmed cases by mid-May. The Italian Rotary club project, funded by global grants, is providing thermal scanners, COVID triage units, and bio-containment stretchers that allow medical staff to safely assess, monitor, and transport patients. Valued at more than $1.4 million, the equipment will address current urgent needs and be useful for the future, helping to reduce the spread of disease and protect public health. Can Rotary District 5100 partner with other districts to create a similar cooperative venture?

Laura: a local home-schooled girl met with our Rotary Club last year and shared her project of making blankets for the homeless in Newberg. Our Rotary Foundation granted $300 that resulted in 50 blankets.

~ Rotary Updates and News ~

Om: Congratulations to Corey Zielsdorf on a successful year as Rotary Club of Newberg President! Today is Corey’s final Rotary Club meeting as President.

Brandy: Thank you to the Newberg School District Board for adopting a resolution condemning racism. Thanks to Superintendent Joe Morelock for his work drafting the resolution.

Joe is proud of the School Board and the School District. He said, “There are action steps the district can take to be more inclusive of under-represented youth and parents in our community.”

Kathie: A total of 1,225 candy leis made by 70 volunteers were given to 1,220 graduating seniors. Five organizations, including the Rotary Club of Newberg Foundation, contributed to the effort. Volunteers logged more than 650 hours of service. The project took 12,000 feet of ribbon!  Kathie also celebrated her son’s graduation from OSU in Ag Science. He is employed working for Christensen Farms.

Shannon B. Thank you, Corey, in your last official Rotary club meeting of the year. Corey is a passionate leader for our club. Thank you to Corey for the service he has given our club. Thank you, also, to Board members who have served, those who are continuing to serve and those who are new incoming Board members.

Lynn: Corey, congratulations on surviving this year! Now for a scholarship update: We reviewed 95 applications—not double in people but in the number of applications. Now, interviews begin. We will send letters to notify recipients of their scholarship award. We hope to publish an article in The Graphic to promote the good work of the students and share what Rotary does to promote education in our community.

Brandy: Thanks to Lynn for making the scholarship application review so easy. Lynn, thank you for your organization!

Mike: Congratulations Corey on a great year as President!

The Rotary Global Cyber Peace Conference is scheduled for this Saturday, June 27th. The conference is a 24-hour event geared to three geographic regions. Erin Thomas will take a lead role in the conference.

Laura: We have a great Rotary Club! Thanks to Geoff Gilmore and GFU students for working on the mural. Thanks to Mike Caruso for writing a letter to Rotary Club of Kathmandu to obtain a final signature for a Global Grant on Violence Against Women. Thank you to Paul Jellum for taking leadership for district grants. Thank you to Judy Robinson and Denise Bacon for their work with our high school Interact Club. Special thanks for the creation of a Community Garden with our partner, Providence Newberg Medical Center.

Judy: Corey, I thoroughly enjoyed this year with you as president – especially your positivity. I also want to brag about Rotarians working behind the scenes, evaluating 95 scholarship applications. There are nine Rotarian readers—spending hours and hours of time reading essays. Thanks to Kim Abraham for her focus on membership—members are what keeps our club strong.

~ Today’s Program: Gary Stewart, District 5100 Update ~

Gary, Assistant Governor, supports the Wilsonville, Sherwood, Tualatin and Newberg Rotary clubs. Gary is a member of the Rotary Club of Newberg Early Birds.

Gary: This is an amazing year and time to celebrate Rotary! Each year Presidents-Elect establish goals for the year. The Rotary Club of Newberg met or exceeded every goal except those impacted by the coronavirus. The club also exceeded monetary goals for Polio Plus and The Rotary Fund.

  • All short-term stay Rotary Exchange students will be rolled into next year. There is no decision at this time regarding the status of long-term exchanges. Both inbound students arrived home safely. Two of our three outbound students are in Newberg. Our third student will arrive home in July.

  • Rotarians are encouraged to take the opportunity to attend the online Rotary International Convention—41 new breakout sessions are coming in July.

  • With fundraising events cancelled—clubs are focusing on service within their local communities.

  • There was a net growth of +56 members in Rotary District 5100 during the 2019-2020 Rotary Year.

  • On July 1, we welcome new Rotary District 5100 Governor Jo Crenshaw from the Oregon City Club. Jo visits our Rotary Club August 5th via Zoom.

  • Leadership is an essential part of what Rotary is doing. Rob Sacks has taken on the Leadership Program—Rotary Essentials.

  • What COVID has done is less of a problem and more of an opportunity for Rotarians to examine how we are doing things. We have found new ways of serving our community. We don’t know when the “next normal” is going to be.

  • Newberg Early Bird Rotary Club meets June 25th in person at the Newberg Christian Church. The meeting will be recorded and sent live via Zoom.

~ Farewell and Thank You! ~

President Corey Zielsdorf: “This is it—my last meeting. I will continue to serve as your Past President. Thanks to all for your support. I will see you…..again…..

Tuesday, June 30th, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for our Zoom Installation Celebration.”

~ Next Week’s Program ~

Leslie Caldwell, Director of Visit Newberg–a new tourism and promotional organization, is our July 1, Rotary Club speaker.

Respectfully submitted by Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor

~ Wisdom ~

~ Trivia ~

In its earliest iteration (we’re talking pre-1600),

sushi consisted of fermented fish and rice, preserved with salt.

The excess salt gave the dish a sour flavor, hence the name

“sushi” which literally translates to “it’s sour.” …the Internet…

~ Humor ~

“I’ve reached that point where I’ll eat a piece of pie

with my bare hands over the trash

if it means not getting another dish dirty.” ~ Anon.

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 17, 2020

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for Wednesday, June 17, 2020

~ “Service Above Self” ~

Rotary’s Four-Way Test of the things we think say and do:

First- Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


Thanks, Mike Caruso, for use of your Zoom account allowing us to do this “virtual” Rotary meeting!  Meeting report provided by Paula R., and photos by Auggie G.

Our Condolences

Condolences to Corey Zielsdorf and family on the passing of Corey’s father-in-law.

Call to Order

Vice-President Joe Morelock welcomed Rotarians and Friends of Rotary to the Zoom meeting at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

Rotarians and Friends of Rotary

Zoom meeting participants: Stan, Denise, Mike, Paula, Gene, Julie, Walter, Joe, Lisa, Brandy, Kathie, Michelle, Auggie, Paul, Shannon B., Laura, Dale, Shannon K., Tony, Todd, Matt, Karen, Dan, Jeff.

Flag Salute

Denise lead participants in the flag salute.


Kathryn Lawson, Newberg High School Class of 2020 Graduate, enrolled at WSU, Pullman.

Troy Pigman, 2020 NHS Graduating Senior and Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor, speaker and owner of Kookoolan Farms

Rotary Outreach

Mike contacted Michael P., Fred, and Becky to invite them to our Rotary Zoom meetings. Fred and wife Viola are engaged in yard work and Zoom meetings.

Lisa: Kudos to Karen who joined today’s meeting. Lisa also reached out to Angel, Aaron, Karl, Sean and Will.

Laura: Kudos to Jeff who joins us today!

Brandy: Thank you to our Rotary Board members for reaching out and connecting with Rotarians. Brandy is happy the Board decided to stay “virtual” for the remainder of the year.  Also…a photo of Brandy with Kathryn Lawson, Interact President and Valedictorian….Interact sash is “almost” visible….

Auggie connected with Newsletter Editor Rick and will provide a laptop and training on Zoom.


Rotary Club of Newberg Installation Celebration June 30th

This year’s Rotary Installation Celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Scholarship Committee

Stan serves on our club’s Scholarship Committee. Stan expressed amazement at the work of the Committee, reviewing and scoring scholarship applications. Stan encouraged Rotarians to join the committee to gain insight into the youth of our community. Stan praised the work of Scholarship Chair, Lynn, who has done a phenomenal job connecting with committee members and processing all those applications!

Rotary Foundation Board Meets June 18th

Auggie reports the club’s Rotary Foundation Board meets Wednesday, June 18th and will develop a budget for the next fiscal year. With limited income, the 2020-2021 Foundation budget will be “challenging”.

Chehalem Valley Chamber Leadership Graduation

Brandy shared thanks to Shannon and the Chehalem Cultural Center for the virtual graduation from the Chehalem Valley Leadership cohort of 2020. Chamber members wore caps and gowns to make the celebration “official.”

Volunteer Opportunities

Assist the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce in dispensing art packages to patrons. For every box of art supplies purchased, the Cultural Center will give an art box to a student participating in the Migrant Summer School.

St. Peter Catholic Church is organizing food boxes for distribution to the Newberg community. Boxes include fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. The Newberg School District is providing space to store the food in coolers at NHS. Call St. Peter Parish if you can help with food distribution on Tuesdays at Newberg High School.


Today’s program/presenter:  Chrissie Zaerpoor of KooKoolan Farms…just south of Yamhill, west off of Oregon Highway 47.

Aerial view of KooKoolan Farms:

KooKooLan Farms was founded in October 2005. Chrissie reports they do not receive a nickel of income from any source other than their farm. KooKooLan Farms specializes in grass fed beef, lamb and salmon.

The key to sustainability is profitability. If a farm is not profitable it drains the farmer’s pocketbook. A farm must be sustainable and profitable. In large farming operations human sustainability is difficult. Farm workers often spend 80-90 hours per week in boring, repetitive tasks.

KooKooLan Farm electricity is 100% solar electricity. They are on city water which in Yamhill comes from a source in the Coast Range. The farm uses precision drip line irrigation. The greatest use of water is poultry. Water is recycled by pumping water to the highest part of property to irrigate an arborvitae hedge. Everything is mechanically or hand weeded with no use of herbicides. All garbage fits into one small residential bin for pick up. Animal waste is composted and serves as valuable fertilizer. Small farms do not sell compost as it’s too valuable for enriching the soil etc.

Large scale animal operations are an issue with continuous grazing vs regenerative grazing. Cattle are not the problem, how we raise cattle is the problem. 85% of beef is raised in 30 facilities in the United States. Four major corporations control 85% of all operations. Many people employed in large corporate facilities are poorly paid, work in an environment with poor air quality and no sick pay or benefits. Workers are often crowded into low cost housing.

Families often purchase inexpensive grocery store meats—often based on the selling price. However, consumers rarely know the background. Large systems create an over reliance on chemicals, fossil fuels, underpaid workers, and inability to manage quality, often resulting in E coli and other bad food outbreaks.

Chrissie encouraged Rotarians to engage in local purchasing of farm goods. Yamhill County includes scores of local small farms with beef raised without antibiotics. On small, diversified farms, people are not as inclined to be bored with the same task. Systems are nimble and robust and can change direction quickly.


Click on the following links to connect to small farming:

  1. (2) (3)

When buying from small farm consider buying a quarter of a beef. Because the beef is only shared with 12 other households, the farmer can quickly recall an entire beef animal in under 30 minutes. At KooKooLan Farms the processor cuts fewer than 10 beef a day.

Beef [etc.] in the freezer:



Gary Stewart, District 5100 Assistant Governor and former president of the Newberg Early Bird Rotary Club is our speaker for our June 24th Rotary Club Zoom meeting.

Per Shannon Buckmaster: We will have a virtual installation event on Tuesday, June 30th, from 5:30-7:30….This will be an evening CELEBRATION of the accomplishments of Newberg Noon Rotarians during the 2019 – 2020 Rotary Year.  Given the current “sequestration” situation, the “party” will be another ZOOM meeting…with connection details to be provided soon by Mike Caruso.

Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor

WisdomThe rose blooms its fullest when it’s kept well pruned. A defining part of who you are is composed of what you’ve been willing to let go. Cut away the outdated and old, and compost it into fuel for new roots. Make room for the good things still waiting to come in to your life, and just wait to see how you bloom. ~ Anonymous

Humor:  “Do you think I’m a bad Mom, Jimmy?”   “My name’s Jack…”….~ Anonymous

“I feel that I should clean the house, so I am headed out to the garden until that feeling passes….” ~ Anonymous

Trivia: Q: A Little Father’s Day History:  Sonora Louise Smart Dodd first brought up the idea of a father’s day in 1909. She wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. When Sonora’s mother died in childbirth with her sixth child, William was left to raise the newborn and five other children by himself on a farm in Washington state. As an adult, Sonora realized how strong and unselfish her dad had been raising his kids as a single parent.  Sonora wanted Father’s Day to be celebrated on the first
Sunday in June, because it was close to her dad’s birthday.  Instead, the first Father’s Day celebration took place on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson made the third Sunday of June Father’s Day. It wasn’t until 1972 that President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a national holiday – about 60 years after Mother’s Day had been made a national holiday.