Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for June 30, 2020

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~ Special Guests: Gary Stewart & Jo Crenshaw ~

~ GEOFF GILMORE: Rotarian of the Year! In so many ways & places! ~

~ “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” recognition: Judy Robinson & Will Worthey! ~

~ Outgoing 2019-2020 Club Officers…Thanks for your service! ~

~ 100% Attendance! Need some help with that? ~

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Rotary Club of Newberg Installation Celebration,

Pres. Corey Zielsdorf Reflection, June 30, 2020

To my fellow Rotarian friends, as this Rotary year comes to a different type of close, reflect on what you have learned this year about service in the name of Rotary. How will you serve your community in these times? For those with a servant’s heart, these can be frustrating times, but look for ways to reinvent service to others…be creative. As your outgoing rotary club president, I will admit…my year feels somewhat incomplete and I know it feels that way for a lot of us…we are all in this together. Instead of dwelling on what you cannot change, be the change if possible…sign up for senior meals, check in on your elderly neighbor or run errands for the medically fragile. Express gratitude and compassion for those on the front lines of the fight against the diseases of the body and mind and practice using the 4-way test in your daily life:

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

I am proud to be a Rotarian! It’s been an honor to serve as your President of our Noon Rotary Club of Newberg.I will continue to serve my community in the name of Rotary with my fellow Rotarians for the foreseeable future. A special “Thank you!” to District Governor Diane Noriega and Assistant Governor Gary Stewart for your service to our District and support of our club as it continues to grow and change. In closing I ask you to remember there are people in need throughout our community and throughout the world whose only hope will come from Rotary. Be that hope that connects people and creates community. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president and I look forward to continuing to serve our community and the world through Rotary.


~ That’s a LOT of years of Rotary Service…for only nine [9] Rotarians! ~

~ Shannon Knight…Not only “Rookie of the Year”, ~

but also the new Club Secretary!

~ Dan provided his assessment of Rotary service…excellent! ~

~ And Incoming Club President, Shannon Buckmaster’s comments ~

Rotary Opens Opportunities. The challenges we’ve recently faced have opened up perfect opportunities for improvement. Because of the values we hold and because of the best parts of our club’s history, culture, and community influence, Rotary has opened up new opportunities for us -the Rotary Club of Newberg -Noon Club -to innovate, lead by example despite challenging circumstances, listen to our fellow humans when they share their grief and needs, shift conversations to defend hope, and work past empty words to create real change with practical solutions that answer the needs of our local and global communities. I’ve made jokes lately about what I’ve gotten myself into, agreeing to serve as president amid uncertainty, chaos, and lost traditions, notwithstanding my personal commitments to my family and career. Joking aside, I accept the privilege to guide our club for this season. Rotary opens this opportunity for me to learn how to better steward our club and community’s resources (whether financial, time, or human resources). Rotary opens this opportunity for me to work with a fantastic team to find solutions to persistent and new challenges that our club faces. Rotary opens this opportunity for me to continue evolving my personal and professional experiences, to refine my skills, and to use my talents in new capacities. During this uncertain year, I’ll protect my internal optimism in order to keep finding the open opportunities through Rotary. I have requests of you to help me serve you well as your 2020-2021 Club President: Will you also look for the open opportunity in the challenge? Will you commit to the positive evolution of our club as we make necessary adaptations? Will you publicly and privately shift conversations to assume the best intentions, include different opinions, and consider new approaches? Will you help us create a club that brings you joy and attracts the additional leaders we need in order to continue our influence and effectiveness? Will you consider a new project or volunteer opportunity, so that we can continue our best practices and build new traditions? I know I have your support and your commitments to finding the next opportunities for our club and for yourself personally. Rotary attracts the best team players. Thank you. Let’s move past surviving this year and embrace the open opportunity to create an even more special Rotary Club of Newberg this year.


Respectfully submitted, Rick Kaufman, Newsletter Editor