Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 29, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for May 29, 2019….for the meeting held at the Chehalem Cultural Center.

Paula was our always-friendly GREETER.

“Short-timer” President Om opened the meeting asking Dr. Stan Kern to lead us in the Pledge, then made an inspirational pitch for RYLA candidates.

Visitors/guest: Brandy Penner [host: Shannon B.];

Announcements: Leah: Said we needed a Treasurer for the Pancake Breakfast….and Jeff Lane stepped up to the plate…so to speak!

Dr. Eric and family/dental team reporting back from Nepal as having done some “touristy stuff”, but also accomplishing their mission of providing much-needed dental care;

Om’s guest, Teresa Arnold, spoke on the need for about $3,000 for equipment/materials/supplies for the Girl Scouts program within Scouting/BSA Troop 9265 Wish List

Todd E. provided updated info on the “newly-minted” Certified CNAs from the cooperative training effort between Friendsview and Newberg High School….and that they are expecting to double the size of the group next year. SUCCESS!

Jim McMaster thanked all those who helped with the park clean-up efforts….particularly mentioning NHS Interactors.

Becky A. said that the Scholarship Committee had distributed $50K in scholarships….listing the committee members…with notice that Beth Pent is transferring her Rotary membership to the Newberg Early Bird Club…we will miss you, Beth! Come back and visit often! RFK 2019 BUDGET

President Om had Shannon Buckmaster, Membership Chair, with Laura T’s help, introduce/induct TWO new Rotarians…Sean Andries and Michael Sipes…WELCOME to NEWBERG NOON ROTARY, gentlemen! We all look forward to hearing your Classification Talks!

Becky A. helped “feed” the DUCK with generous contributions of $68 from several Rotarians present.

Program Presenter was volunteer Missie Kallunki…

giving us an update on Relay For Life of Yamhill County, part of the American Cancer Society’s efforts to find cures/treatments for cancer. This is a world-wide program. Multiple informational fliers were provided for our reading/action. The “RELAY” activities are significant parts of their fund-raising. June 13th, 5 – 10 PM….whether dine-in or take-out… La Sierra Mexican Grill & Lounge in Dundee, will donate 20% of their profits to “Relay”. Missie touched on several aspects of the program, and areas where help is needed…such as transportation: “One of the biggest roadblocks to cancer treatment is transportation. That’s why the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program provides patients in need with free rides to treatment. And we need your help”. Donations make a difference in “Empowerment, Help With Side Effects, Lodging, Support, Information, Rides, etc.” For more information go Online to:

Missie brought colorful table decorations/reminders and a raffle with her…with two prizes: Paul got the first one….a small l.e.d. light…and Fred got a small “grab bag”….contents…who knows…? Thanks, Missie!

The meeting of June 5 will be MV AdvancementsFROM THEIR WEBSITE: “For more than 50 years, we’ve helped adults with disabilities through our innovative approaches and caring responsive staff which allows us to serve hundreds of clients through an ever-evolving set of services. In our Employment Services, we match business needs with individuals’ strengths and capacities, resulting in a long-term win-win for both the employer and the employee. In Residential and Community Inclusion, we support individuals to meet and exceed their own personal goals of growth and development so they can live a fulfilling life.”

…and June 12th will be an Auction “de-brief”…both meetings to be held at CCC.

AND…the June 19th meeting will NOT be held at noon, but will be an evening/dinner meeting for a “changing of the guard”…i.e., officers. Site to be announced. Dinner cost: $20/person.

President Om closed the meeting…always inspiring us by her own attitude/actions to follow…

Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do:

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

NOW…go out and………

~ Be The Inspiration! ~

Respectfully submitted

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

Oriental “trivia” and a language “tid-bit”…South Korea has MANY Rotary Clubs…and some of the highest THE ROTARY FOUNDATION [TRF] per capita contributors in the world! Although Korea is distinctly “oriental” [North and South combined], it IS separated by the Sea of Japan/East Sea from Japan on the east, and from China by the Yalu River on the northwest/the Yellow Sea on the west. Although sharing many cultural similarities, the three [3] cultures DO have differences. Example: Korean language is unique from both Chinese and/or Japanese…though all three share many of the older Chinese “pictograms”…written symbols. But the primary/unique Korean “alphabet” [about 24 characters] was created for/commissioned by a Korean Emperor who wanted to be different from his/their Oriental “neighbors” [and often “enemies”!] and does NOT include an “F” sound….such as in “food”, Frank, or in my last name of Kaufman [German for “merchant” “kauf” means “to sell”, as common in Germany as “Smith/Smythe” is in US/England]. SO…when I served in the U.S. Army on the Korean DMZ 52 years ago…as a young dentist, I helped support a Mechanized Infantry Battalion [tanks, armored personnel carriers, half-tracks, etc.] of about 3,000 troops , half Korean soldiers and half U.S. GI’s. AND…half of my Dental Clinic staff were also specially/well-trained Korean soldiers…and all signs/name tags were written in Korean AND American English. My name… in Korean…came out sounding like “KOP-U-MAN”….I did NOT try to teach the Koreans how to make “F” sounds, as it just frustrated them! But it was an absolute delight working with the young Korean soldiers…they were hard workers, and they had great senses of humor…and their English was much better than my Korean! Having formally studied Mandarin, Korean and Japanese…Mandarin is IMPOSSIBLE!