November 25, 2015

Here’s what happened this week at Rotary….


Kiwanis President Shy Montoya

Today we welcomed our Kiwanian friends for our annual Thanksgiving shared meeting. Jim McMaster, our prez and Shy Montoya, Kiwanis president,reminded us that CPRD is taking over (both Jim and Shy are CPRD staffers). Shy shared some Kiwanis service projects such as their Christmas K20151125_122719ids Day Out program where they provide a day of fun for kids with special needs so their parents have some respite. That sounds like a great service project. They also do the Halloween crossing guards, which this year included serving in a monsoon.

Our club members had a chance to connect with each other and one, Jack Maxwell III, could talk to himself as he is a 20151125_120409Kiwanian and Rotarian!

We’ll be joining the Kiwanis on Thursday, December 17th at Izzy’s to continue our Holiday Tradition of sharing meetings.

Besides our Kiwanian guests, Stan Kern brought his son in law, Dale Welcome and granddaughter Clara Welcome. Stan is celebrating Thanksgiving and his birthday on Thursday.

Announcements: REMINDER Next week, December 2nd, we’ll be at Friendsview with our speaker being a 106 year old resident.

Jack Maxwell shared a project that is working to get cribs for families in need. Thanks for sharing this Jack.

Duck, Duck20151125_120426 (1): For the duck this week, Rotarians and Kiwanians too shared things they are thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving.



Jim did the Four Way Testimonial and declared it is the truth that the NHS Boys and Girls Water Polo teams are state champions for 2015! And that Jim is their outstanding coach. Ok, he didn’t say that, but all his athletes showed how good he is by their attitude as well as their skill level in being state champions.

Jim invited the seniors from his team to our meeting and they also shared their senior projects.


Elizabeth, Claire, Remy, Alena

Elizabeth Andrews from Veritas shared that she worked on the Save Our Pool campaign and is now attending architect meetings and is learning about what it takes to build a pool and be responsible with public funds.

Claire Boenisch also combined her love of water and hosted an event at the aquatics center for special needs youth.

Remy Saunders is volunteering at the hospital and is working with special needs youth as well.


Remy, Alena, Robert, Zach

Alena Lidey is putting together comfort kits for kids that are pulled out of their homes and put into foster care.

Robert Lamping shared that it was his birthday today. He’s working on an entertainment project as he loves comedy and will be performing his show in the spring.

Zach Schrage, team captain, has pulled together people and construction firms to fix up the BMX track which is in desperate need of updating to eliminate holes and fix it so that kids (and adults too) can really ride.

20151125_122724 (1)The students talked about how Coach McMaster really encouraged them to be STUDENT Athletes and to know that they needed to look beyond water polo. But they are all outstanding water polo players and team players who look to encourage each other no matter if they play or sit on the bench.

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November 18, 2015

Here’s what happened this week at Rotary….

Jim McMaster was off today and Leah (me) got to try out the presidency in advance.

Just a reminder, bills for dues will be e-mailed again as there was a mixup on getting them out and most of us didn’t get them. As a reminder, your bill will now include the current balance owed and any unpaid amount. Previously they only showed the current owed, so if you’d happen to misplace the bill and forgot to pay it, you really didn’t know you owed a balance. If you have any questions about your bill, talk to Membership Chair Paula Radich ( or Treasurer Bob Ficker (

Announcements: Guests included Ken Austin from the Early Birds and formerly of the noon club and founder of our club’s foundation. Julie Isaacson was at SMART with Krissy Lookabill and Krissy kidnapped her to join us for lunch. Fred Gregory brought Roy McConaughey, principal from12239716_523212081193652_337999613639188052_n CS Lewis Academy (and Fred’s old football teammate). He wanted to thank us for providing dictionaries to their 3rd graders. He reminded us that those dictionaries are giving students the words to succeed and be great people. Almost all the dictionaries are delivered to all the schools and the kids love them.

Spike Sumner from the Newberg Rotary Foundation presented a check for $1,000 to the Newberg Public Library for the TurnAround Books program to get books to kids. The $1,000 was matched with a District 5100 grant, thanks to our club’s support of The Rotary Foundation (see the program description below).

Duck, Duck: We started a new tradition with the Duck this week. As Rotary reaches the end game for polio eradication, our club will dedicate the proceeds of the duck on the 3rd Wednesday of the month to The Rotary Foundation’s End Polio Now campaign. Every dollar we donate is doubled by the Gates Foundation so our duck donations grow by three fold.

Walter and Julie Want missed last week as Walter was a guest speaker at a Veterans Day event at Cedar City, Utah. Thank you Walter for your service.

Program: Andrew Aylor and Mike Caruso shared the history and accomplishments of The 12239758_523213804526813_6529500646700349894_n (1)Rotary Foundation (TRF). This is the Rotary International Foundation that accomplishes so much such as the above End Polio Now project as well as a variety of projects for Peace, Sanitation, Disease Prevention, Basic Education and Literacy, and more. The Rotary Foundation has a four star rating, the highest chariFive Focuses of TRF 111815ty rating, with 92% of donations going to projects.

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has various levels of giving, one of the best known is the Paul Harris. By donating $1,000 a year, you will receive a Paul Harris citation. Andrew related our Paul Harris Groups where a group of six Rotarians join together and eaPaul Harris 111815ch donates $125 a year. Every year, one of the six receives the Paul Harris. It’s a great way to make supporting TRF easy (that’s just about $10 a month). Mike challenged us to increase our TRF giving.

In addition to the projects at the Rotary
International level, funds donated to TRF are returned to the District and this year, our club received grants for our Nepal project as well as TurnAround Books at the Newberg Library. The amount of grants we’re eligible for is based on the giving by our members.

You can go online and do an automatic payment program and there is another way you can support the TRF, a Visa affinity card. You can earn miles as well as support TRF.

Andrew and Mike will be talking with each Rotarian to explain the details about TRF and how we can all support these activities. Thanks Andrew and Mike for explaining TRF and helping us understand how our gifts can make a difference to the world.


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Auggie Gonzales and Denise Bacon provided the photos. Send news to Leah Griffith, Newsletter Editor at newbergnoonrotary@gmail

November 11, 2015

Here’s what happened this week at Rotary…. and there’s a lot!

Our Rotarians arrived in Nepal this weekend. Eric Bergquam and Jenni Ferrell are leading a teamTeam in Seoul that includes another dentist, a dental assistant and Eric’s son. They’ve been welcomed by Rotarian Bishnu and will be starting their work very soon, after the banquets and entertainment. They are being treated very well by the Kathmandu Rotarians. The Nepalese are very impressed with the amazing Adec dental chairs and equipment. This is a $177,000 project with $45,000 from Rotary Global grants, $12,000 in expenses paid by those traveling to Nepal and $120,0Dr. Eric Bergquam and Laura Tilirico sport Rotary shirt for Nepal Dental Clinics 111115 (1)00 in equipment from Adec. Wow, what a project! We will be having them share their adventures at club in February.

This is a picture from club on Wednesday the 11th of Laura Tilrico who spearheaded this project and Eric with one of the tshirts they will be wearing. They also showed the large banner they’ll be hanging to thank all the partners for the projects.



These students at Joan Austin Elementary School are learning to “drive” robots thanks to a grant from our Club Foundation. Morgan, “Mr. Senior Project Man” in the orange sweatshirt in the middle of the picture is leading the younger kids in exploring robotics. It’s great to see our grants in action.


Carr Biggerstaff, Chamber Board Chair “If you haven’t had a chance to see the Economic Development Plan that Newberg just submitted to the Ameria's Best CommunitiesAmerica’s Best Communities judges for the semi-finals, please go to this page on the Chamber website and download a copy. We’re on our way to winning $3M for Newberg!”

This is a community wide project coordinated by the Chamber and has already resulted in a $50,000 grant to develop this economic development plan that looks at where we as a community should be headed. Check it out if you haven’t been following it already.


Prospective Member News from Paula

“Ed Wanner, Community Employment Manager with M V Advancements, has applied for membership in the Newberg Noon Rotary Club. If you know of any reason Ed should not be accepted into membership please notify Paula Radich ( 503-554-9289) no later than November 21, 2015. Thank you.”


Club on Wednesday started with Jack Maxwell doing the Four Way Testimonial. He reminded us that everything about the four way test comes down to listening, just listening. What a very wise testimonial. Thanks Jack.

Announcements: We welcomed Jake Ramirez from Water Bear, a prospective member and Ed Wanner, who has started the membership process. Karen Jones joined us after a long break. She’s now at Adec and Grant Gerke spirited her away on her 3rd day of work to come to club. She’ll be reconnecting with us again really soon. Welcome back Karen.

Jeff Lane was recognized as his business, Newberg Steel, was selected as a finalist for the Austin Family Business Program Excellence in Family Business Awards. Congratulations Jeff on your family’s successful business and award.

Veterans Day Reflection: Marge O’Connell shared a very thoughtful reflection on peace and war in commemoration of Veterans Day.

Our Veteran members in attendance on Wednesday; Ralph Koozer, Jeff Lane, Allen Methven, and Curt Walker, were thanked for their service.

Duck, Duck: In honor of Veterans Day, members shared how their lives had benefited by the service of the Veterans in their lives or their own service.

Program: We were fortunate to hear from Bethany Quist (sponsored by Noon Club) RYLA 2015 Bethany and Marcus...tomorrow's leaders and Rotarians 111115and Marcus Karaffa (sponsored by Early Birds) who attended the RYLA leadership training last summer. Both returned feeling like it had been a life changing experience. They heard lots of speakers, learned about themselves, had real life experiences that showed them how health, work/life balance and leading from the heart is all part of developing as a leader. They heard from CEOs who related their failures on their way to success. It was a great program that creates ethical leaders and volunteers. Both returned ready to change their lives and give to their community. RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is managed for our club by Om Sukheenai along with Aaron Lewis who related that his time at RYLA in 2010 was similar to what Bethany and Marcus experienced and encouraged all of us to recommend young people to participate. Talk to Om or Aaron if you have a young person (up to about age 30) who could benefit from attending.

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November 4, 2015

Here’s what happened this week at Rotary….

Guests: Larry Strober, McMinnville Sunrise President Elect, joined us and announced that his club just voted that morning to become a Peace Builder Club.

Cassandre Guillen, a guest of Krissy Lookabill joined us. She’s a former exchange student, from the 1990’s

Announcements: Fish sent a note of thanks as we had donated over 200 lbs of food left over from the Pancake Breakfast.

SMART needs readers on Tuesdays at Edwards School. Talk to Walter Want.

The School District is doing a Poverty Simulation on November 23rd with their faculty to help them understand the poverty that over 50% of their students experience. They are looking for people to assist with this project. If you are interested, contact Claudia Stewart at

Tony Lelack is doing his annual Turkey Drive for FISH. You can drop off a frozen turkey at his gym, or if you give him $20, he’ll get a turkey to donate for you.

Duck, Duck: Jim McMaster shared that his water polo teams are both 1st in league and both girls and boys teams are headed to state.

Program: President Jim McMaster introduces Roster on Wheels 110415Jim shared a video about Roster On Wheels a Rotary app that will allow us to have better access to contact info for club members from our smart phones. He discovered it at the Sao Paulo international convention and was very impressed about how it can facilitate communication.

Leah explains the Clubs new Rotary Website 110415

Leah shared the new website and some of it’s features. Auggie reminded everyone should like us on Facebook. Just look for Newberg Noon Rotary. It’s a great way to keep up with Rotary.

Tony LeLack leads the Dictionary Project Dictionary distribution to local 3rd graders 110415


It was Dictionary Day, and Tony Lelack brought boxes and boxes of books to the meeting. Rotarians stepped up to deliver them to the schools in the next few weeks. This is a great project we’ve been doing for a dozen years or more.


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Auggie Gonzales provided the photos. Send news to Leah Griffith, Newsletter Editor at