Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for November 28, 2018

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for November 28, 2018

We were greeted by Paula Radich…THANKS, Paula!

Corey Z. took the reins today at the microphone, opening the meeting, as Prez Om “worked the room”. Kudos were given to the many Rotarians who helped with the new playground equipment…pictured here:

Walter Want then led us in the Pledge.


Margit Jameson was hosted by Shannon Buckmaster.

Mike Fotre is the proud father of our speaker, Corey Fotre.

Taylor McMaster is one of Jim McMaster’s sons…taking a bit of teasing from his Dad!

Corey showed us a short video on the history and objectives of The Rotary Foundation [TRF] as his “Rotary Moment”…”November was Rotary Foundation Month and it was important to me that everyone is reminded of our foundations purpose…”….very INSPIRATIONAL, Corey!

Per announcements:

Leah reminded us of the Christmas Tree lighting on the 1st in front of the CCC…with only a 10% chance of rain….

Denise mentioned that Auction Receipts are now available for any/all sponsors we recruit.

Laura T. gave us a run-down of a few of the District Matching Fund projects we are involved in or looking at: Nepal Clinic; Kenya; Zambia; Uganda.  And she also spoke of NHS Interact involvement in the Newberg Middle School’s Resource Room. More details in subsequent newsletters and announcements.

Om was willing to share with anyone the donut she received from Jim McM more than a week ago! [We still do not know for sure what the green splotches on the donut are….any guesses?]

Tony L. reminded us that we need to check the right box with any Amazon purchase so that a certain percentage goes for Rotary donations.

Auggie echoed Tony’s Amazon comment…then spoke of a positive/Thank You e-mail he had received from a Guatemala program where we are successfully  helping “drop-outs”…

The program for Dec. 5, will be the Classification Talk by new Rotarian, Patricia “Tricia” Hornback, PhD.

Beth Pent handled the DUCK and collected from: Shannon, Leah, Denise, Auggie, Fred, Becky and Dale…did I miss anyone?

Shannon B. – An upcoming Chamber speaker: Patrick Gavin, Portland Rotarian, Keynote speaker/author, will present “The Connector’s Way” at Hazelfern Cellars [4008 NE Zimri Drive, Newberg] on Tuesday, December 18th, 4 – 7 PM. RSVP to the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Leah mentioned an in-the-works SOCIAL event…details to follow soon.

Denise had planned a quiet Thanksgiving…yeah…right…but ended up with a house full!

Auggie was pleased to see the Huskies adding one in the “win” column…hopefully a sign of things to come for the “dogs”!

Fred proudly announced that Shannon Buckmaster would be an inspirational speaker at George Fox University on the 15th.

Becky – observed that a grandson had just turned 2! ……and NOW the FUN begins!

Dale W. gave a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to his father-in-law…Dr. Stan Kern.  And mention of a specific age was purposely avoided.

Today’s program speaker was introduced by Todd Engel…nursing student Corey Fotre spoke at length…and very articulately…on the Certified Nursing Assistants program at Friendsview.

Corey’s primary focus was on the efficacy of the CNA program for high school students…allowing them a “leg up” in terms of their pursuing personal career objectives.  By being professionally-trained “on site” at Friendsview, while still attending/finishing up high school classes, the CNA program accelerates the students’ career/job preparedness…while also allowing them to see/experience a number of healthcare career options…even before finishing high school.  The work experience and transferable certification credentials make it much easier for those completing the program to access further education opportunities at schools like the Nursing Program at OHSU.  Todd & Corey presented healthcare career opportunity projections that bode well for those choosing to go into that rapidly expanding segment of the job market[s]. Those students who complete the CNA program “hit the ground running” when it comes to pursuing the next level[s] in their healthcare careers.  EXCELLENT JOB, Corey!  With KUDOS to Friendsview for  providing the training site and opportunities….and Todd for helping implement this valuable program!

The meeting was adjourned with the ringing of the Rotary bell…and the encouragement to…live the Four Way Test of Rotary…and….


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor