Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for March 3, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for March 3, 2019

After a FUN “field trip” to the Ewing Young Distillery west of town last week, we came back to our “home” at the Chehalem Cultural Center!

President Om was “elsewhere” today…so President-Elect Cory Z. ably took over “management” of the meeting, while displaying on the big screens some of the photos he took during the Auction.  He explained that the scheduled speaker was NOT going to make it today.  SO….more time for intra-club exchanges and a little hilarity!

Our GREETER was Michael Pollock….as well as taking care of DUCK duties…netting $46 today.

Dr. Stan lead the PLEDGE.

Guests:  Katherine Byer, from Sheridan, guest of Angel Agular, had attended our auction, and was very impressed. She is Community Relations Officer for First Federal–working with Angel….indicated her interest in getting to know our community better.

Bayo Ware, from the City of Newberg, announced the opportunity to let the City know “Did we get it right?” as part of the “A NEWberg…The Vision” Discuss the 1st VISION draft for Newberg’s future based on community feedback, April 16, 2019, 6 – 8 PM at the PCC Newberg Center, 135 Werth Blvd. This is a “child-friendly” meeting.  For additional details contact Bayo at (f03) 537-124- ext 8501 and/or

Visiting Rotarians: Rod Federwisch, President-Elect of Newberg Earlybird Rotary; Michael Sweeney from Soldatna, Alaska, which is located on the northwestern aspect of the Kenai Peninsula, about 120 miles SW of Anchorage…Michael is visiting family in Newberg…and he brought a club trading banner with him, while telling us a bit about his home club.

Beth Pent provided us with a Rotary Moment…having spotted some eye-catching BLUE park benches with Rotary signage on them, on a recent trip to Leavenworth, WA.

A little friendly rivalry is a good thing…as Judy R. challenged Dr. Stan’s dishwashing “prowess”!  And then gave us a very positive update on the tree-planting efforts by the NHS Interactors.

Paula thanked Lynn Montoya Quinn for leading our Scholarship Committee work….she is seeking five (5) people to give away scholarship money!  Lynn will provide the rubrics and send you the scholarship applications to read via email.  You’ll read through scholarships, score them, and if you have time, participate in interviewing finalists.  The number of scholarships is up to you – read 5 or 50!  Interested?  Please attend a brief meeting after Rotary next Wednesday April 10, at 1pm at the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Department (*Downtown Newberg Station–Behind Nap’s) to discuss the details. To volunteer, please sign up by clicking on the link below.  Thank You!!!         Questions?  Contact Lynn at or 971-722-8601

……and Michael Pollock and his Helping Hands representatives for cleaning up after our auction. 

And several others contributed to the DUCK as well.

Leah gave us more info on the AUCTION…including a new date in-the-works for the 2020 event…as there was a scheduling conflict arise with the recently posted date.

Next week, April 10, we meet at the *Firehouse…and be reminded to park on the street, as Firehouse parking is for the firefighters and EMTs!  Program details are posted on the Club’s website.

ALSO….District news/reminders from DG Larry Hatch:  District Training Assembly coming up this month…and District 5100 Conference in Bend NEXT month…SO….DGE Diane ask that I send out a reminder on registering for District Training Assembly.  She has to turn in her food order this coming Monday, April 8th.  If you haven’t registered, do it now to ensure you will have a meal during the lunch break. Our room block gets released at the Riverhouse for district conference on April 26th.  To ensure a room, please make your reservations now.  We have put together a toll free number exclusive for our group. When you call this number it goes to our reservations office so that they know you are with the Rotary District #5100.  The number is (833)721-5050.

Today’s Program:  Given the late cancellation of our scheduled speaker, President Elect Corey did a great job of keeping the meeting’s pace going, FUN, and interesting!

~ Be The Inspiration! ~

and follow Rotary’s Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do…..

#1 – Is it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


#4 – Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

And a touch of humor….”I’ve reached an age when my train-of-thought often leaves the station without me….”