Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 23, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 23, 2019

Dr. Stan Kern was our super-cheerful GREETER today, encouraging others to do the same!

Corey Z. stood in for Prez. Om today and opened the meeting…with an early announcement of the next Rotary year’s slogan..“Rotary Connects the World!” [for July, 2019 – June, 2020]…and a few words regarding his attending the recent Rotary Zone Meeting in S. California.

Shannon Buckmaster led us in the PLEDGE.

Our one guest was Lisa Salmon….soon to be an official Newberg Noon “Friend of Rotary”.

Mike Caruso read the Rotary Moment taken from a NYT author’s work “Best Year in Human History”, providing statistics and comments also touched on recently by Prez. Om about such “good things happening” globally as the HUGE reduction in poverty, major increased access to potable water, dramatic expansion of Internet [and therefore information] access, being able to routinely use electricity for the first time, major decreases in the rates of childhood diseases & death, significant increases in expected lifespans, etc.  And Rotary has been “in the thick of things” to help make all this happen!


AUCTION ACTION: MARCH 23 at the Cultural Center. Go to the club’s website for all the details, but EVERYONE is expected to help in one way or another!  This is the club’s primary fundraiser!  Questions?  Check with Leah, Denise or Linda.  Each table was provided with at least two different auction information sheets.  One discussed how to deal with Procurement of items for the Silent and Oral Auctions….and the other lists the local, regional, and international projects & activities the auction proceeds make possible. Follow this “top-hatter” on the website to link to AUCTION INFORMATION:



January 30 meeting at the Cultural Center will focus on the AUCTION…be there…and be prepared for ACTION!

It seemed that Becky could barely hold up the Duck with both hands after all the generous contributions made by so many Rotarians this week!  WAY TO GO!

Today’s Program:  Jere Witherspoon, George Fox University [GFU], Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life/Coordinator – Bruin Community Pantry.  Jere addressed the concerns of “Food Insecurity of Students”…a subject too often overlooked per our students’ educational experience[s]….and what GFU is doing about it.  Written/detailed “take home” information was provided to each table, but she then thoroughly covered the subjects of the Food Bank, Hospitality, Leftovers, and Outreach & Education, and how Nutrition Matters…especially for students!

Thanks, Jere, for an enlightening coverage of an oft-overlooked topic…and what GFU is doing about it!  Anyone individuals wanting/able to help her with this program should contact her at GFU.

Corey then closed the meeting with a ringing of the Club’s Rotary bell….

And a REMINDER…’s easier when we live by The Four-Way Test of Rotary…

#1 – Is it the Truth?

#2 – Is it Fair to all concerned?

#3 – Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

#4 – Is it Beneficial to all concerned?


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

And just a spot of humor…..Q: How far into the swamp does a bull frog go?  A:…..only….”knee-deep”!

[If you didn’t get that one….the editor will be happy to draw you a picture!   🙂  ]