Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 16, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 16, 2019

Our meeting was held at Friendsview, and, appropriately, Todd Engels was our Greeter.

President Om opened the meeting with her usual INSPIRATIONAL ENTHUSIASM!

Today’s visitors included Mary Galloway, guest of Om; Mike Sumner’s guest Lisa Salmons….and Early bird Rotarian Morgan Kullowitz.

Leah Griffith lead us in the Pledge…

Several announcements were made….including the “Next  Gathering” of the Community Wellness Collective on January 27th, 3 – 7 PM at NHS Auditorium [RSVP]. 

AND…..the AUCTION ACTION TEAM …mostly Leah speaking, with back-up from Denise, et al….gave us several ways to increase the number of auction items including the small reminder sheets at each place setting as well as handing out Auction Receipts to be given to folks who contribute, and/or donate items/activities to our PRIMARY FUNDRAISER at the Cultural Center on March 23!!

Next week’s program [January 23] is back at the Cultural Center….featuring:

Be there to find out more about the Bruin Community Pantry from Jere Witherspoon!

Membership Committee meeting at 11:00 AM on the 23rd….at the Cultural Center.

Mike Caruso acknowledged two very dedicated Paul Harris Fellows today….Leah Griffith and Jeff Lane.

Spike skillfully got “stuffing” into the Duck from several Rotarians.

Then Prez Om introduced our meeting’s program speaker, fellow Newberg Noon Rotarian, Patrick Bancke. 

Patrick spoke, with slides to back him up, on the Emergency Response Team efforts/project[s] going on in Nepal.  This is an update on one of Newberg Noon Rotary’s International Projects.  Although the need has always been there, the recent devastating earthquakes [2105] has prompted new efforts to provide more effective, local, emergency response to whatever …and wherever…the need is.  Given Nepal’s culture, geology, governmental structure, weather, and mostly extreme & isolated mountainous geography, the challenges have been/continue to be significant! Patrick narrated a slide show covering several topics.  Lots of statistics supported the efforts of Nepal Medics’ in a multi-pronged approach to the issues, some of which are:  Ambulance services; teaching locals emergency rescue techniques; emergency medical services; training basics of EMT to community volunteers; instructing clinic workers in handling emergencies; “trained” must become “trainers”; empowering local people; developing an Emergency Dispatch system; using in-country staff; teaching locals the emergency contact numbers [like our 911 system] ; triage regarding deciding on most appropriate transportation methods for each situation; AND….very important…the trained team member’s equipment, including emergency team vests, lets the community know of that person’s skills & training and imparts a sense of individual pride and a sign of HONOR which encourages others to follow suit; SUSTAINABILITY GOAL is for non-Nepalese to be OUT within five [5] years. Kudos to Patrick for a MASTERFUL job of covering complex issues and project[s]!

Ever-inspirational President Om closed with a reminder to live by the Four Way Test of Rotary:

#1 – Is  it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?

#3 – Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

#4 – Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

And…..for each of us to


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor