Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 13, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for January 13, 2019

Club President Om opened the meeting with INSPIRATIONAL enthusiasm!

[Editor’s note: As I was unable to be at the meeting, a BIG THANKS to Judy Robinson for providing me with notes from which I have developed this newsletter…as well as the always welcome photos provided by Auggie….THANKS, TEAM!]

Guests: Barb Catts w/ Mt. View Resource Room [they need school supplies, clothes, apples/oranges/yogurt; open M/W/F kids come at lunch time; volunteer moms & dads help].  Tony presented a $4K grant to Barb reiterating that they need volunteers M-W-F during the students’ lunch break.

Denise’s guest was Dr. Anthony Biglan, author of the book: “The Nurture Effect”. Anthony Biglan, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute and the Co-Director of the Promise Neighborhood Research Consortium.

Spike’s guest: Ken Winder

Connie Christianson was a guest: Representing adults w/ disabilities…Tuesday @ Virtual Tour of “See the Heart”.

Todd’s guest: Rosa Olivares, Community Engagement Specialist for the City of Newberg.

AUCTION ACTION:  Leah:  SELL TICKETS! DINNER TICKETS…Baskets & “goodies” coming in; Auction booklets available to give out to encourage folks to come to the Auction.

Dan per announcing Golden Tickets: Tax deductible; chance to win a car; ticket to ride in a hot air balloon; and this is not just a “Trivial Pursuit”! FUN FOR A GOOD CAUSE! DONATE!!  SPONSOR!!!   Buy ads! – from $100 – $385.

Shannon said that on February 26th she will be traveling to Washington to represent business in Newberg for funds for the BYPASS.  She also mentioned an upcoming Chamber of Commerce Event…check the Chamber’s website for details.

Geoff asked how many have been stopped about the mural?  New mural site will be the Library Annex facing the Cultural Center….that mural’s DESIGN is in PROGRESS].

Gene handled the DUCK today:  Dan reminded us of the Mayor’s good deed in helping someone move their car during the snow storm.

Dr. Morelock spoke on…sense of community; graffiti in snow; positive response to efforts to rally against hate messages.

Our two newest Rotarians!

Prez Om gave thanks to all who came to GREETERS last Friday at Heritage Bank to promote the Auction!

New Member induction:  Angel Agular, Jr., was welcomed/inducted as the newest Rotarian in Newberg Noon Rotary Club!  Angel has been at First Federal since 2016…and we will hear much more about him during his Classification Talk.  In the meantime, please feel free to sit with him at lunch and get to know him a bit more personally….and make him feel truly welcome in our midst!

Today’s Program/Presenter:  the new Mayor of Newberg!  Rick Rogers…with all of 57 days in office! 

Rick is the father of three boys…NHS grads…has been Head Coach for the NHS rugby team; has lived in Newberg for 20 years; worked on Habitat for Humanity projects; and works with non-profits. Mayor Rick provided a slide presentation with the following points discussed [for more in-depth information/details on any/all of these subjects, go to the City’s website and follow the appropriate links…and the following numbering is Editor Rick’s, not necessarily Mayor Rick’s!  🙂 ]:

  1. Review of Council Priorities, including, but not limited to: the 5 year financial plan, encouragement of affordable housing, etc.
  2. Standing Citizen Committees;
  3. Riverfront Master Plan:  Parks, open spaces, trails, etc.
  4. Housing needs analysis – # of housing units assessments.
  5. “Newberg 2030”: High Density residential; economic land; Housing development [1261 Units/single family…371 multi-family  units]
  6. Commercial development: Providence Medical/Newberg ; Airpark Business Complex; Butler property;
  7. Stressing the need for business land.
  8. Meetings//discussions with Westrock.
  9. If we want these matters to move forward, entire community will have to “rally around” choices.
  10. Community Visioning:  Input from citizens welcome; an on-line survey exists for input……go to “”
  11. Student Contest entries due 4/11/2019.
  12. For the Riverfront: “Plan E” – light industrial, shop, eat, enjoy….

Make yourself known by getting involved and giving input!

Thanks, Mayor Rick!

Personally choosing to…… ~ Be The Inspiration! ~  ………President Om closed the meeting….reminding us to live by……

The Four-Way Test of Rotary:

#1. Is it the TRUTH?

#2. Is it BENEFICIAL  to all concerned?


#4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor

[Disclaimer:  If there are “errors” in this newsletter, please let me know…but remember, I gleaned this info from Judy’s notes…and may have misread some!]