Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for February 6, 2019

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for February 6, 2019

Kim Abraham was our friendly, smiling GREETER today!

Club President Om opened the meeting today with her usual high level of enthusiasm and INSPIRATION! [Observe the Rotary International motto for 2018 – 2019 on the back of her shirt!]

Walter Want led us in the Pledge.  [Editorial note: ALL military…currently in active duty…or retired…in uniform or not…can salute the flag during the PLEDGE rather than placing one’s hand over one’s heart…if they so choose.]

Judy Robinson had the following guests: Angel Agular from First Federal; Paris [Om’s that a PROUD MOMMA or what!?], Ashley and Macy…all three Interactors from NHS.

Jim McMaster introduced his son Taylor, home briefly from Coast Guard duties to help his Dad celebrate the end of 39 years of service to Chehalem Parks and Recreation….which led to a few words from Jim about his years on the job…and that he still will be around helping in the community!

Linda Sandberg was our only visiting Rotarian from Newberg EarlyBirds!

Debra Cathers-Seymour gave us another inspiring Rotary Moment today.

Om presented the official “Friend of Rotary” badge….

Laura T. gave us some new details per a “matching grant” success…which multiplied our $2,000 to be more effective…and other updates.

AUCTION ACTION…..Leah is ON TARGET & ON TASK with guiding us to make the 2019 Auction the best ever!  QUESTIONS? Check the website!

Then to the DUCK….w/ Allen Herriges handling that….as….Dan Keuler regaled us with a lyrical reminder that HE has the Golden Tickets for the Auction…and he did a terrific job of it, too, as he was VERY melodious!

Prez Om reminded us of the Chamber-of-Commerce activity at the Heritage Bank Branch at 8 AM on Friday the 8th….where we will have the opportunity to “toot our own horns”…vis-a-vis the AUCTION!

Auggie bragged on 42 years of marriage….Yours Truly paid for “badge rental” as I missed turning in mine last week….and…others also paid for the privileges of touting several different accomplishments…or Dan’s vocal virtuosity…or….”just because…”

On to the PROGRAM:  Stepping in for Director Merriman, who was unable to be here today, Karen Henry, Program Manager from Love INC, filled us in on their many social services to the community: 

Love INC strives to fill gaps in services and resources in the community by helping local churches develop ministries that meet tangible needs in our area without duplication.”  Some of these ministries include: Bus Passes, Three Clothes Closets, Community Dinners four nights each week, Diapers, H.U.G.S. – Hats/Umbrellas/Gloves/Scarves, Kitchen Set-up, Linen Closet, Non-food Pantry, Over-the-Counter Meds, Shear Joy Haircuts, and Fire Wood Ministry.  Visit for more information on the dates, times and location of classes, and specific ministries.  Volunteers and contributions are always welcome!  Additional contact info:     Love INC Newberg, 120 S. Elliot Rd., Newberg, OR 97132

Prez Om closed the meeting by ringing the Rotary bell….

~ Be The Inspiration! ~

…and live by “The Four Way Test” of Rotary….

#1 – Is it the TRUTH?

#2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?

#3 – Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

#4 – Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Respectfully submitted…

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor