Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for December 5, 2018

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for December 5, 2018

Kim Abraham was GREETER today for her very first time….GOOD JOB, KIM!

President Om opened the meeting revisiting the FUN weekend activity of the Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration in the front courtyard of the Cultural Center. This was the 34th Annual Event and there were 600 – 800 folks there having F U N!  [Ed. note: The picture of the tree is before the crowd was there!]

…and then she asked Karl Hughes to lead us in the PLEDGE.

Leah introduced her guest, Lacey Carroll, who will be managing much of the “gnittty gritty ” of the Auction, as Auction Assistant…with the reminder that next week, the 12th, we should all be considering Special items for the Auction…receipts now available…AND the Auction will be held at the Cultural Center!  The meeting on the 12th will be an “Auction Jumpstart Meeting” to get our club members on the same page and excited about collecting donations for our 45th Newberg Rotary Auction.

Rod Federwisch, EarlyBird Rotarian President-Elect joined us today with a reminder of one of their fundraisers happening the morning of the 6th!

Activity to happen on Thursday, Dec. 6….an AUCTION to support their philanthropic projects.

Leah Griffith provided us with a Rotary Moment in relating how grateful she was to see the Newberg High School Interactors…10 – 12 of them…just “diving right in” to help out with whatever was needed during the Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration.   Whatever the tasks…they jumped right in with VIGOR, enthusiasm,  and excitement and “got ‘er dun!”…Leah called them “AWESOME & RESPONSIBLE!” What an Interact Club we are so proud to sponsor!  Judy and Denise are doing a great job with mentoring these FUTURE ROTARIANS!  And Gene Piros was right in there with the Interactors.

Becky A. wielded the DUCK today…starting with a reminder to Dr. Stan of his not having been here on his birthday….for which he gladly made a contribution…with a big smile, too!

Marge is headed to Orlando and Mazatlan…with her VISA card!  There should be some stories coming out of THAT trip!

Leah needs a plumber [?]…bet there’s going to be a story here, too!

Lacey then bragged on the Cub Scout Pack & Boy Scout Troop and the 50 lbs of food raised during the Christmas Lighting Show!

Tricia…Dr. Hornback…our speaker today…said there been a contribution of $600 made to “Every Child Oregon”.

Gene P. was delighted to work with the Interactors…claimed he didn’t do much other than watch THEM work!

Mike C. said that Providence will help recruit a representative to our Rotary club…and they also have the newest Peace Pole site!

Laura spoke briefly on a grant program in-the-works to deal with youth suicides. The Foundation Committee met after the regular meeting to discuss various “matching grants” projects in the works…including a 911-type of Emergency System for Nepal that Patrick is leading…and projects in Uganda,  etc., with which our local Interactors can be involved.

Paula said Kim Abraham did an AWESOME JOB as Greeter for the first time!  Also mentioned need for volunteers for Meals for Seniors…AND….she SURVIVED her Mom’s 100th birthday celebration!

Auggie is pleased that the U of W Huskies are likely going to the Rose Bowl!

Reminder….we will NOT be meeting on the 19th, but have been invited to join the Kiwanis on the 20th…but still here at CCC at noon!

President Om introduced our program today…the Classification Talk by new Rotarian, Dr. Patricia “Tricia” Hornback, from George Fox University.

After providing us with fascinating information on her part-Cherokee/part Irish heritage….including a few well-chosen First Nations language “lessons” …and that she is a “Story Keeper”…she gave us background on her personal…and often international… history that led her to pursue her current efforts toward “Strategic Peacebuilding”.  She provided us at each table with printed material that outlined core considerations on this subject.  A few, but not all, of them, in no particular order, include:  Education,  Humanitarian Action, Dialogue/Conflict Resolution Strategies; Transitional Justice, Dealing with Transnational and Global Threats, Violence Prevention/Conflict Response and Transformation, Restorative Justice.  She has spent years in many places across the globe in pursuit of “Peace Building”, with interesting/eye-opening stories from the Middle East, Northern Thailand, SW China, SE Asia, and other locales.  Once again we have managed to add yet another terrific personage to the ranks of Newberg Noon Rotary Club!  Thanks, Dr. Tricia!

President Om closed out the meeting with the ENTHUSIASTIC reminder to follow the Four Way Test of Rotary

1 – Is it the TRUTH?

2 – Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4 – Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?




Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor