Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for December 12, 2018

Newberg Noon Rotary Club Newsletter for December 12, 2018

REMINDER:  THERE WILL BE NO REGULAR MEETING ON DECEMBER 19!  Instead we will be having lunch with the Kiwanis Club on Thursday, December 20!

Diana Fisher was our friendly GREETER today!

Prez Om opened the meeting with ENTHUSIASM…ENERGY…and an INSPIRATION to us all!

Gene Piros led us in the PLEDGE.

Guest Cathi Young was hosted by Auggie G….with a “plug” for Cathi’s current career offerings.

Marge passed around some “Get well, Jack!” cards to sign….

Walter handled the DUCK today….masterfully eliciting contributions from Leah, Om, Jim McM., Judy R., Stan, Rick, Walter, Rebecca and Karl H …with each having their own brief story to tell, and paying for the privilege to tell it…

Our program for the day is a “two-parter”….first is Prez Om and some important intra-club business….then on to Auction Action:

With appropriate images on the big screens, President Om reviewed the Club’s organizational structure, principally discussing the Officers’ positions, as well as the make-up of the Board.  She also went over the various chair positions…and their attendant responsibilities…for Rotary’s five [5] Avenues of Service…followed by paper ballot voting for the slate of officers for the Rotary year 2019 – 2020.  She looks seriously focused here!

New Rotarian Kim Abraham, equally focused, listening intently to Om, and taking it all in!

THEN….on to AUCTION ACTION!  March 23, 2019!  Leah started with a reminder as to how important this is…where the proceeds go…and that the 2019 Auction will be held right HERE at the Chehalem Cultural Center...helping the Club realize significant cost savings.  Each Rotarian had a 45th Rotary Auction form  entitled “Who do you know that would have compelling auction items?”…with plenty of room to list three [3] names/items. 

Denise took it from there and had each table’s occupants spend time “on-the-clock” to come up with a list….to then be shared with everyone…and added to the Master List.  Surprisingly there was very little overlap from one group’s list to another’s….and with a LOT of creativity demonstrated. This all bodes well for our 45th Annual Auction!

AND….if you have not yet signed up for a specific duty assignment…do so NOW!

REMEMBER…MARCH 23 is coming up FAST! So the time for AUCTION ACTION is NOW!

A big THANKS to Leah and Denise!

Prez Om rang the closing bell with the reminder to…live by Rotary’s Four Way Test, and to….


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Kaufman

Newsletter Editor