Newberg Rotary Foundation


The purpose of the Newberg Rotary Foundation is to promote and encourage the health, education and general welfare of youth, principally in Newberg & the  local area.


The Newberg Rotary Foundation was set up in the 1970s during Ken Austin’s year as president of the club. Stan Kern and LeRoy Benham were also influential in its establishment. The Foundation is a separate organization from the Newberg Rotary Club and the Rotary International Foundation. It is run by a board of six club members.  It is the “philanthropic arm” of the club.


The Foundation gives monetary assistance to youth-related projects and activities in the Newberg area.  The money for these projects is raised primarily by the Newberg Rotary Noon Club, through its annual auction, contributions, the Rota-Dent program and the Foundation Endowment Fund.

The Newberg Rotary Foundation is a nonprofit organization, separate from the Newberg Rotary Club.  As an IRS Sec. 501(C) 3 organization, all contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The Foundation is chartered to accept not only cash gifts, but real and personal property, securities and life insurances.  The Endowment Fund has grown through such gifts and through bequests in compliance with the instruction of the donor within the limitations of the objectives of the Foundation.

Youth Needs That Have Been Funded

The Newberg Rotary Foundation has funded a wide variety of youth activities and projects.  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA, Youth Athletics, Youth Choir, Habitat for Humanity, Library Summer Reading Program, Police Youth Activities, Park & Recreation Youth Scholarships, and school district needs programs are examples of funding by the Foundation.  Some large building projects, such as the Newberg High School grandstand, Youth Skate Park, and Rotary Park, have received grants from the Foundation.

Youth Scholarships

Approximately $40,000 per year is awarded to area students by the Newberg Rotary Noon Club through the Foundation.  These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students to help defray the cost of the first year of college.  Contact your local high school counseling office for additional information.

Youth Exchange

The Rotary Foundation also sponsors exchange students each year.  A student in their junior year in high school from the Newberg area is chosen to spend up to a year in a foreign country while a student from a foreign country comes here to spend a year with  Newberg area families.  For more information on this program, contact a high school counselor.

Application Procedures

The Funding Request Application Form may be submitted online, given to any Newberg Rotary Foundation Board Member or mailed to: Auggie Gonzales c/o Newberg Urgent Care 2880 Hayes Street Newberg, Oregon 97132.   If you have not received a reply on your application within a month, please contact Mr. Gonzales.

Online Application 

Download .PDF Version of Application